Monday, 8 June 2009

Happy Birthday Donkey!

Have you ever flicked through your own archives? I did last week. I was hunting through trying to find a particular post to link to and guess what I found! Yes my dearest and beloved Donkey is one.

There has been very little sighting of Donkey on this blog for quite some time but don't think he has been quiet. Oh no! As well as the pictures shown on the original post we have (some have been posted before)

row one- Russian Doll Donkey, Ghostie Donkey card sold in a REAL shop, d/Boy's birthday card last year (obviously NOT b/c it was 10pm and I didn't have one)
row two - FrankenDonkey card, Halloween donkey and Witchy-Poo Donkey card.

We have Bandelero Donkey, Surfer Donkey, Santa Donkey & for Missus Silver Pebble a Mr. Darcy Donkey while Domesticali got a Laundry Donkey . There was some stitchy work for Missus Locket as well as a congratulations card . You will be pleased to hear I actually crumpled up and threw away the Donkey I drew after hearing about Mr. Moog headbutting a car. There has been Astrounaut Donkey, Wizard Donkey and Chicken-feeding Donkey, Jane Austen Donkey and more.

We boarded the plane for TGTH with pad and pen in hand and Donkey kept a wider audience entertained. For a wee girl fed up with flying we drew a Rapunzel Donkey. Sadly when we got home Donkey was quite poorly received :-( They just don't get talent.

Then back in May there was surprise package came to my door. Well, I was surprised, I don't think the package was. Look what was inside!

This is the amazing work of SilverPebble as commissioned by Lucy Locket. It is a birthday present for me - how lucky am I?

In our house birthdays are extended to last a whole week (longer if I can get away with it when it is my turn ;-) and Donkey's special day is no exception so to keep the party atmosphere happening all week there will be a present given away everytime I post. Today's wee giftie is a personalised drawing of the Donkey himself. Leave a comment with a suggestion for a picture and I shall choose one that hasn't been drawn before (believe me the list exists and it's long) so get your thinking caps on and let the ideas flow!


  1. Happy Birthday Donkey! Has he ever been on the Apprentice I wonder? (Hey, what do you expect - the kids woke me up at 5.30am, urgh)

    PS word verif = stabled which seems spookily apt.

  2. Happy Birthday Donkey! Love the silver donkey. Just read on this morning that "donkeys are the new owl"! You've obviously set a trend!

  3. happy birthday donkey!!!! have you ever down a clown donkey?!!
    or fisherman donkey?

    word veri is tiddlet which kind of made me giggle, dont know why!

  4. oh my - you can tell my mind is all over the place - i meant done not down!!!


  5. Happy Birthday Donkey.

    I wonder have you ever decided to be a teacher/doctor/fireman.

    Thought this would be really cute as these are what me and my Brothers are.


  6. Happy Birthday Donkey!!! Kind of wishing you hadn't resisted the urge to immortalise Mr Moogs 'incident' in donkey-form!


  7. Suggestions for the b-day boy:
    Barac Odonkey
    Michael Jackson-donkey (circa 1988)
    Mission Impossible donkey
    Washington DC tourist-donkey

  8. Happy birthday Donkey! Dance, baby, dance!

  9. Happy Birthday Donkey! Has he ever thought about teaching machine embroidery... I could do with some help. (I love the silver necklace... she's a clever girl that Silver Pebble)

  10. Now why didn't this come through on Bloglines?....

    I think scuba donkey would be cute. Or pirate donkey. Or any donkey. I love donkeys. Happy birthday dear donkey.

    (Since we're mentioning word verifications here - I got "recant". Do you think someone's having a giggle at Blogger HQ?).

  11. beekeeper donkey
    train conductor donkey
    Senator donkey

  12. Happy Birthday, Donkey!
    I think a sheepshearerdonkey, or a farmer donkey, or a shepherd donky would be in order! A Monk Donk(ey) too- after all, we have an abbey here!

  13. Hmmmm Donkey has he ever sat on the side of the lake a'whittling wood?? perhaps a bit of stone carving? taxidermist? chiropidist? reflexologist? I could go on....... ;0 x

  14. Indiana Donkey for Mr Locket perhaps?!

    Happy Birthday Old Friend - I'm so glad we've met!

    Strange that you are keeping your "Cerne Abbas" identity quiet though!!!

    Locket xxxx

  15. Happy Birthday Donkey - how about Donkey for PM - sure he would better than the current incumbent!?

    April xx

  16. I'm loving WMK's suggestions, but how about an Indian Prince Donkey (as in that most hilarious and cringeworthy programme Undercover Princes. Inky Pinky Ponky etc) (Er, you did see that didn't you, or am I just prattling away to myself again here?)

  17. How about Prince Charming Donkey, on the back of a horse (you know how donkeys always get a bad rap compared to horses).

  18. Happy Birthday Donkey! maybe Donkey's new career could be the next 007, I can see him all dressed in a tux holding a gun and a sexy broad (aka Donkey in drag) by his side.