Wednesday, 24 June 2009

The rewards of The Good Samaritan.

My front neighbour, Granny, came around today with a tech question about the new laptop she was considering buying. Obviously our collective knowledge meant that we took a relatively straightforward query and spent 3/4 of an hour searching for answers. Answers that CK took no more than 5 seconds to identify when we sent him the hyperlink (honestly it was no more than 5 seconds). I also rang the company on her behalf and placed the order.

Sounds simple yes? But no. It involved several phone calls, lots of being on hold, a three hour wait to ring back and a few repetitious explanations of the issue. However all was resolved and Granny can expect her new laptop tomorrow sometime between 0700 and 1900 hours. With the advertised extra money off paid back into her account within three working days.

It was rather lovely to feel like I was doing 'real' work. You know the kind that involves phone conversations and dealing with adults and having a task to complete in a set period?

This afternoon Granny came up the drive to collect her bank card (and get the update) and as a thank you brought with her a fabulous selection of fabric from her volunteer job at a charity shop in town.

Wanna see?

These are a mix of cottons, slubby acrylics, flannelette and what may well be silk (bottom L). I have no idea what I am going to do with them but oooo, aren't they luvverly????

Now to the sad part of the post. As part of the Donkey's Birthday Week Giveaway Bonanza Julie at Little Cotton Rabbits was the intended recipient of birthday cake.
Mmmmmmm... cake.....

But sadly when I finally got to putting it into the correct sized box I noticed this.

It is a little fuzzy and out of focus but there is a chip in the rim of the cake body:-(
Julie I am so sorry but there will be something cakey in the post to you soon.

DottyCookie, WMK and KerryAnne I promise there will be something birthday partyish to you as well. surely I get points and kudos for being a Good Samaritan, right? Right?

P.S. Assistant's stitches out today as a small infection has taken residence. Bleaurgh!


  1. Oh Trashy, I was going to leave a comment but then the phone rang and I've had such a stressy day rushing around that I've completely forgotten what I was going to say!

    It was along the lines of "great fabrics" and "well done for helping Granny" and "if that cupcake was for me I wouldn't mind the tiny chip"

    Off to carry on being stressed as I now have two job applications to fill in by tomorrow - and no, I didn't leave them to the last minute, I just wasn't given them on time!

    Me x

  2. Yes, a good samaritan always gets extra point -- how very kind of you to help granny! I'm sure a little chip wouldn't bother me, but like you, I wouldn't be able to send it out that way!

  3. Not happy about the assistant's infection.

    Was it a bit smelly?