Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Why I now love Smiley Carol.

For the last two days I have opened the post box to find wonderful surprises inside. Yesterday afternoon, after spending the day on Brownsea Island with d/Boy's Yr. 2 class, I returned to find TWO packages left by Smiley Carol.

The first was a surprise win from Est over at My Cuppa Charms. This was a 2nd year blogaversary gift and I am delighted to own it. The beautifully wrapped package contained a sweet notebook, some lovely buttons and this fabulously crafted mini-workstation.

Thank you Est, I love it.

I received my first fat quarter in the 2hippos FQ swap. Isn't it luvverly? It came all the way from 'Canadia'. Now I can hear y'all thinking it but it is TRUE it will look amazing in my Fortnums quilt!

Then today there was shopping! Oh Innernets how I love that you make purchasing so easy :-)
These are so funny! I shall now be forced to make all future presents just so I can attach one of these.

There has been crafting round these here parts recently. Wanna see?

Got to thinking about Engerland, iconic images and simple shapes.

So I started with a bus (these are blog-finished only).

But I don't love it. So I made a different version.

I still don't love it.

I joined them together into a cushion and I STILL don't love it. I wish that the image in my head matches what I can actually create.

What someone needs to do is create a paper form or template that people who like crafting can apply to their own projects. Something that gives you lines to follow or shapes to cut out. Perhaps it could even include instructions? What do y'all think? There must be someone we could ask about this.

'Member this yarn? This I love. A lot. This love faded just a little when I started knitting it up because that green just sat in a HUGE green pool.

However I kept on going because:
a) if the green was a big heapy pool it wasn't going to alter at a later date.
b) I needed the sock making practice
and c) apparently this yarn was completely me!

So I did but look what happened as I went on .....

Yippee! It is a spiral pattern! Hurray! Now I am really looking forward to seeing how this progresses down the heel.

Finally, my assistant has taken up gardening to aid her recovery.


  1. i absolutely love those labels - how apt are they!!!! and your buses are sooo cute, nothing wrong with them at all!
    glad to hear your assistant is perking up!!!


  2. Wow you do get such nice things in the mail. Love the socks - that spiral effect is amazing. Good to hear the assistant is feeling much better.

  3. I love those gift tags. I need those to attach to everything I make!

  4. Okay, now tell the TRUTH: did your assistant have to make a second emergency trip to the vet after you discovered her "green thumb"?

    ps LOVE the gift tags!

  5. ooooh, your pup reminds me SO much of when my hound was a pup - a good five years ago.

    wish I could say she's grown out of it!

  6. Cool labels and luv the socks, I'll have to get my mum onto that wool so I can have some spirally socks too!

  7. I think the buses could be saved if you were to put the black and white numbers on them just to break up the red and white. Great idea though - keep going!!!

  8. Hey trashy, I'm going to stick my beak in and say you might add some road lines......

  9. those gift tags are so funny, love them

  10. I love that woman in the gingham -

  11. Hmmm, don't think much of your assistants gardening skills! Still, if it helps her recovery then I spose you can forgive her! I love your bus stop creation - looks perfect to me and the socks are coming on a treat - keep us posted with how they finish up.

  12. I am so jealous that you are still making socks. I have got lots of unfinished ones.

    As well as road lines, how about a number on the bus? Love the gingham lady. Wish I had a coat like that!

  13. Oh maaan - I need those labels for horrid s-i-l's every birthday and Christmas present for now and ever more!!

    I think your bussy cushion has loads of potential and I agree with Michaela about the coat!


  14. What brilliant postal goodness! No wonder you love Smiley Carol! I got my parcel from Est too - so much loveliness!

    Locket x

  15. sorry for the very late parcel! :)

  16. Ha ha! Love those labels.