Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Put your best clothes on, polish your shoes and let's go meet the folks!

After some prodding I have finally convinced my sister Giovanna to post to the blog I set up for her.

She knits ....

she bakes ....

she takes photies ....

Go nag her to post pictures.

Or just go visit and share the bloggy love.


  1. Damn! I thought this was going to be a give-away for tickets to come to the high-on-a-hill house to meet your Mom and - ahem! - her husband...

    *runs off to meet on-eyed-gigi*

  2. am sat in jammies - will that do!! have just popped over to say hi!! hope she knows what she's let herself in for!!!!


  3. Will a skirt made from a Rupert Bear duvet cover do?

    Off to see if the barminess runs in the family :-)