Friday, 14 August 2009

Lots to say but the innernets hate me.

Been a busy this week with Sylv and her husband away.
  • Played in the closest big town and after McDonald's saw a movie about Guinea Pigs saving the world.
  • Pr. C-W had a day at the beach with a friend from early until late so ... d/Boy and I picked our own strawberries before going to the local pool with friends for a swim.
  • Wednesday was spent mooching at home reading before the smalls walking the dogs off the hill by themselves and then home to paint some bowls and mugs. Pulled out all the fabric for my Fortnum and Mason's quilt. Is 40 different fabrics too many for a quilt top? Nah, I didn't think so either.
  • My assistant had a haircut yesterday after which we went to the beach in Bournemouth with kids, husband and the other black dog. Went without towels, sunscreens, bathers, hats and even left the water in the car! Kids in water in their undies loved it, CK sitting on sand hated it, both black dogs LOATHED the water. Rolled up my trousers and ended up soaked getting both dogs into the water. Drove home and about a mile from front door went into the back of the car in front of me. In CK's car. With CK sitting next to me. Bugger! Hooray for fully-comp insurance :-)
  • Cleaned and tidied house today while CK and kids went for a drive. CK's Kate (new sat-nav) travelling with Sylv so he winged it. Bad idea. Phoned me from Exeter to say had aimed for Glastonbury but hadn't seen any signs for it. Suggested he come home. Said he was trying but couldn't find city centre to get back. Hoped to be home for dinner, maybe Sunday ;-)
  • Off to see Ms Amy Butler tomorrow - yay!

Got lovely post recently but the photos are on the grown-up Vaio computer. It hates me and it hates the innernet so am using the water-logged Dell until in-house tech support can fix it. When I can get to the pics you can see the fabulous seaside swap parcel that came from the lovely meplusmolly.

There was rock, traditional seaside postcards, some fabulous sandcastle flags that have pleased CK no end (childhood memories), a beautiful long-legged seabird she made. My lovely swap partner also sent me a gorgeous patterned emery board all green and yellow floral swirly pattern and delightful smelling shower gels. There was also a great driftwood hanging. What is the name used for stones with holes in them? Witches' coins? Witches something. This now lives in my kitchen. It makes me smile. Thanks for swapping with me. I had a great time doing this.


  1. blimey don't do things by halves do you????

  2. I'm exhausted just reading about your week Trash. Sounds like you had a great tiem at the beach though.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  3. Sand? Ugh!

    Although our family has several patented and complicated routines which we enter into when leaving the beach to ensure the car is sand free.