Wednesday, 26 August 2009

5 steps to being a poor hostess.

Number 1.
Invite guests for a picnic and when choosing weather remember to hit the 'lousy' button.

Number 2.
Spend much of the 24 hours preceding the event negotiating closed down motorways and unbelieveably long traffic jams en route to the airport. This ensures you are too busy to do any food shopping and replenish your EMPTY cupboards.

Number 3.
Given your guests may have travelled some long distance to the venue it is always a good idea to allow them to supply ALL the food. If feeling generous your own contribution could be water for everyone to drink.

Number 4.
A bracing stroll in a gentle breeze to blow the cobwebs away after lunch can be enjoyable. Should every member of your party end up soaked (be it due to atmospherics or puddle-jumping) and spend the rest of the day with sodden feet this is only to be encouraged as a sign of an agreeable afternoon.

Number 5.
Arrange family friendly activities to stimulate the mind and social intercourse. This may well include lying on the floor on and under every item of bed linen in the house while watching a movie.

I hope these tips have been helpful to you all. Please do come back and visit us again soon up here at The Hilltop Finishing School of Elegance and Grace.

A million thanks to Missus Moog and the Mooglets for making the long journey all the way up here from the water today. We hope your trip home was uneventful and speedy but most of all dry ;-)

pics courtesy of
1. Me. Nearly exactly 6 years ago on the second birthday of the then named Babyman.
2. Sylv. Their room service breakfast in their resoundlingly posh hotel in Ireland last weekend.
3. Sylv. Wedding cake of Irish cousin who was married this weekend just past.
4. CK. Attempt to get black dogs into water in Bournemouth two weeks ago.
5. Me. All three naughty ones in house playing a boardgame last week.


  1. I have been taking careful notes and should you ever find yourself near Cambridge I shall be honoured to demostrate to you just how well I have studied them.

  2. I spied you! In the sea!

    Top tips. I would attend your finishing school. I was dragged up, me.

  3. All things considered it was an excellent day - especially the delicious lunch ;)

    On the way home (in the rain) the Mooglets told me they think the Trashlets are 'really really lovely' and 'can we see them again soon pleeeeease' - I think the puddle jumping and the duvet party clinched it :)

    It was great to see you in your natural habitat on top of the hill. Minx decided that old man dog is the very best fun - please thank him for entertaining her so brilliantly!

    Thank you for a very very lovely day. Can't wait to see all those quilts finished ;)

    Moogs xxxx

    p.s. Moogsdad turned not even one hair when I showed him his lovely new floral tea caddy!

  4. I keep forgetting you can choose the weather when company is coming. :>}

  5. I think it sounds like an excellent way to entertain and have taken notes for future use.

  6. Thanks for the tips Trashy - will bear them in mind for future entertaining events!

    Love, love, LOVE that last photo of the naughties playing cranium - the littlest one is paying such close attention!

    Locket xx

  7. wonderful tips. I shall make note and use them in the future should you wish to visit.

  8. looks to me like everyone had a great time!


  9. Heh heh heh - by your standards I am a most excellent host indeed :-) I invited friends around for drinks and nibbles last week and got so excited at the idea of nibbles that I forgot to provide drink at all. Never mind. It sounds like you and Mrs. Moog and the mooglets and trashlets had a fab time despite the sogginess :-)

  10. Wait...I didn't hear any mention of food poisoning or trips to the emergency room (I believe that's "casualty" in your language). ;-) Sounds like a success to me. xo

  11. my dog used to love the sea.

    Maybe I went to the same finishing school...I can't see what you did wrong!

  12. note to pr. c-w and d-boy (awwwww i'd almost forgotten he was once b-man!): izabell is cheating!!! i distinctly saw her swallow half a dozen tokens whilst your backs were turned! (you're welcome.)

    ps: is there any of that cake left?