Saturday, 22 August 2009

We got presents! (Part the Second)

Woohoo! Finally the Vaio is letting me look at the innernets. Which means I can show you the parcel of lovelieness I got from my seaside swap partner over at meplusmolly. (I am never sure of the protocols in using names on the innernets so I shall stick with the blog name unless told otherwise)

Firstly there was the wrapping. Is there anything more satisfying and exciting than opening a package addressed to you and finding individually wrapped gifts? I don't think so (hmmm... unless it involves Dara O'Briain, some honey and a really long, hot shower afterwards ;-)

After slapping both my children's hands away because I am evil and have not shared opening presents with them since d/boy was about three I got see all of this!

So many things to list! Immediately I hung the long-legged seabird up above the 'everything pockets' on the stairs so I see it all the time. The rock was consumed with morning coffee the day it arrived - Sylv was most impressed that someone could get that teeny, weeny writing inside it. My yummy smelling shower gel has nearly all gone but I have spent the past few weeks in a haze of delicious scent. The witches stones hanging is up in my kitchen and Princess C-W has claimed the sweet little ice-cream dangly. We fought for a little bit about it but people started looking and you know it is impolite to rugby tackle your 10 yo in public so I gave in gracefully. Sort of. CK was thrilled with the flags and is talking about decorating the house with them during his upcoming two weeks off (YAY!) I may have to give in to this because he is stronger than me and can run faster.

Thanks again for sharing your amazing talent Missus MeplusMolly. I love the pillow. It is that perfect size for having behind my neck when sitting on the couch. Too many times our house has reverberated to the sound of my howls of pain as yet again I sit back too quickly and pitch my skull against the wall. Pr.C-W has also had great use when stretched out on the floor watching telly but today it is coming with me up to Birmingham to the Festival of Quilts to cradle my head on the long drive North.

Wonderwoman(not!) is driving so I shall be reclining in the passenger seat, playing text scrabble with Katy and singing loudly to whatever music is thrashing out of the stereo. Oh yes the chauffeur is a metalhead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See y'all on the flipside!
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  1. I am SO with you on Dara O'Brien. What a celtic dish.

    You have received much loveliness. Beach hut cushion? Oh yes. Long leggedy birdy? Oui. Festival of Quilts blog trip? Jammy woman.

  2. Okay... I get the Dara O'Briain but with honey? I obviously haven't lived!

  3. Sorry for the delay in commenting Trashy but the whole Dara O'Briain and honey thing made me come over all nauseous and I had to go away for some time until I felt brave enough to come back.

    I seriously don't know what is wrong with you but I am increasingly alarmed to discover that Gina and Emma seem to suffer from the same malaise. Frightening!

    Great gifts though! Just a shame your swap partner didn't send you some good taste in men along with all the other presents.

    Locket xxx