Saturday, 22 August 2009

we got presents (part the third)

To end this week of lovely gift show and tell up here at Trash Towers we have Secret Pal Swap 14. This is my second parcel from my swapper and once again she has nailed exactly the right things to send.

First thing visible on undoing the bubble wrap was a tin. Oh how I love tins. Boxes to put things in. Lidded containers to be home to the many bits and pieces I keep on hand.

Things got even more exciting when I lifted the lid.

Look at all the loveliness hidden inside the tissue paper.

Two balls terracotta and one white of Rowan silk cotton (My luvverly swapper lady suggests a beret-oh I think so!) , a pin of nine gorgeous snag-free stitchmarkers, a tube of ever-so fragrant and delicate strawberry and rose confiture direct from Bon Marche en Paris. And finally a bag of biscuitty bones for my doggers.

I think ....

... my hounds...



  1. The dogs got presents. I always like it when dogs get presents.

  2. You know you've done well when the furry members of the house have got gifts.

  3. More goodies!!!!!how lucky are you??
    i have some of those stitch markers.they are great.

    LOL on the dog bikkies.

  4. Ooh luverly goodies.....and such shiny wet noses you have in your house :)


  5. thanks for noticing. It is all due to the balanced and nutritious diet we consume. Our hair is lovely and shiny as well ;-)

    Oh! The dogs!! Ooops.

  6. Goodies! I don't knit or have a dog, but loove this tin of surprises. Perfect.

  7. hey i thought the stitch markers were 'snog' free. Made me giggle tee hee ;-)

  8. Nothing better than a swap parcel is there......Hope you are surviving the "Olds Visit"