Wednesday, 14 October 2009

blogtober Day 14 (for just another 14 minutes)

have you ever gone back and read through old blogposts?
A very interesting way of spending five minutes.

Just random dipping and delving.
Sometimes funny.
Sometimes cringemaking.
And sometimes a little bit sad.
But like any diary ...
... fascinating to the author.
(reviewing last Winter showed many posts about Australia and puppies but NONE of the fabulous snow we had! Figure have now rectified that.)


  1. Winter is 100%, hands down, no-doubt-about-it my absolute favorite season. I love the snow AND the cold. :)

    Thanks so much for joining the photo challenge at The Women's Colony. I'm looking so forward to seeing everyone's photos on Monday. :) Oh, and thank you also for the very kind comment.

  2. Wait just a cotton pickin' minute! You had SNOW last winter? Who'd a thought it?

  3. Ooh - let's just hope we get another dose of the white stuff this year! Gorgeous photos Trashy :)


  4. Today in OCTOBER...we are having December temperatures...awesome. I am fine with the cold, but I hate driving in the snow or cleaning it up...dreading that part. If I could stay home all day and snuggle and drink tea..perfect Snow Day! I don't know how kids do it!

  5. Sledging and snow angels can hardly be beaten. Joyous pics Trash x

  6. a fun way to spend a few minutes - rifling through memories - and pictures.
    Man o man you sure had some snow ;-)