Sunday, 11 October 2009

A quilt, a boy and the Vicar's glasses

Saturday was spent getting ready for the main event on my social calendar for this year. Being an organised and excellent time manager I was sewing on the binding of Will's quilt all day Friday, finally putting in the last stitches at 2 a.m. before stuffing it into the washing machine then crawling into bed. But I think it was all worth it because after a spin around the dryer and with all the thread tails clipped it looked like this.

There was insufficient time factored into my 'detailed schedule' so the label can go on later. I thought I might paraphrase my hopes for the quilt written here .

Being a godparent meant I sat up the front with all the important people therefore it probably would have been unpolitic for me to take pictures throughout the ceremony. Accordingly I handballed my camera across to Princess Curly-Wurly.

Most of the pics are quite blurry but this is a corker. My godboy was wandering around in front of the font shifting furniture and we had a small, silent battle of wills about actually taking it into the greater body of the church.
Both his sisters contributed to the event. The older one did a reading and the younger one sang a couple of nursery rhymes. With assistance from the vicar this was 'Twinkle, twinkle'.

Whilst these gifts were being bestowed Will focussed his energies on forcing Rolly into the font-water flagon.
And before she dunked him there were words to be said and glasses to be reached for.

Once Anne had dunked him he really was decidedly unhappy about the whole thing.
Then afterwards it was back to his house for coffee and cake all around.

While she was out playing with the other children I was struck by how groovey and grown-up my girl looked.


  1. conga-rats oh fairy godmother! Sounds like the day went off wonderfully.
    Love the quilt and so pleased your godson's mum did too!
    Well done you!!!

  2. great pictures - you can quite clearly see his distinct unhappiness through the blur and the quilt looks fab - well worth the late night finishing!

  3. What an amazing day ... and how nice to contribute as godparent.

  4. Heh heh heh, that looks like a fun christening :-D
    The quilt is FAB too- love the backing fabric in particular :-)

  5. The whole event looks perfect - blurry photos and all.... LOL. The quilt turned out great too.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  6. quilt looked fantastic!!! and your girl, wow, growing up fast!


  7. Is that really Will, of whom we were all so worried about? I love his quilt, well worth the early morning! I was told that children are supposed to cry at their Christening to 'renounce the devil' - neither of mine did and oh boy am I suffering now!

  8. Just look at that great big boy now! He looks like a lovely young man - very busy, what with all that furniture to move and all...

    It's not jusy you - Princess CW looks veeeeery long and grown-up and every bit as ladylike as her mother ;)


  9. the quilt does indeed look MAGNIFICENT...what a lovely heirloom for the sweet lad (he's gonna have to fight his mama for it when he moves out, i'm thinkin'!)

    that girl...HOLY MOLY has she grown a foot taller since summer??! are you SURE you're old enough to be mum to such a grown-up young lady, missus??!

    ps: word-veri is "SEWDTH" which is quite a nice coincidence for a quilty post, no?!

  10. Awwww, what a treasure that unhappy picture will be someday! Love the quilt -- another treasure!