Thursday, 15 October 2009

Day 15 Biogtoberfest

have taken some pics but can't locate camera lead to upload them.

have made halloween pyjama shorts for our upcoming spooky sleepover.

am halfway through knitting a rectangle to felt and ultimately turn into a gingerbread man softie.

received cooking apples this morning over 'ladies who drink tea' meet-up so see Dorset Apple Cake in near future.

am wearing Sylv handknit, bright orange, scrappy scarf in effort to warm up .

made daughter go to school with socks rather than tights because "it is not that cold out today".

came home from school run, changed into tights and long boots because is quite chilly outside today!

this is my day so far.

Got any questions or prompts that would enlarge my biography?


  1. Hmmm. How 'bout, what delectable treats will you be serving at upcoming Halloween sleepover???

  2. Yes.
    If B to the second power = 19, what is the color of candy corn?

  3. Rest assured children don't notice the cold ;)


  4. 'what are you having for dinner tonight?' ... tee hee ;-)

  5. What a terrible mother!!! Locket xxx