Thursday, 22 October 2009

Blogtoberfest Day 22 Perhaps it hasn't gone after all.....

the very lovely Wonderwoman(not!) braved the heavy rain and came for a visit this morning. Both destructoBoy and I were pleased to see her as it brought a welcome break from the intense competition of the Inaugural Ironing Board Table Tennis World Championships that was taking place in the living room.

With d/Boy off sick for the day he lurked while Maria and I chatted. As you do. One of the things we spoke of was our swap commitments and I confessed my worries that any contributions may be Scarey Mary-ish, not least my first attempt at hand-knitted and then felted fabric.
She was kind enough to not only calm my nerves but give me a few tips for successfully turning this into a bag for Pr. C-W to take to a dinner party (!!!) this weekend.

Feeling a bit cheerier I coyly brought out a few other WIPS for her keen assessment. These are jammie shorts for d/Boy and his mate, Dervish to wear for the Halloween sleepover. Obviously they have a pair each because, quite frankly, sharing a bed with Dervish would be like trying to hold a cyclone in a glass let alone a pair of pyjamas.
I am quite chuffed as I constructed the template from a pair of in-house pj pants. Didn't actually cut around actual jammies as I love them too much and was scared they may end up in pieces.

The two girls aren't getting pjs as I am unsure what size Dynamo wears, just that she is waaaaay taller than Pr.C-W. So I made an accidental trip in the hammering rain to the lovely fabric warehouse down the road and 'found' some lovely Halloween fabrics.
Again suggestions were made. So tomorrow (after doing the bag for Dynamo's birthday present bag) I shall be adding some applique to the Irish linen background (less than £5pm!! Yay for old-fashioned haberdashers) and then quilting in the ditch before backing it with the spooky spider and witchy-poo quilting fabrics to make cushions.

Picture is a bit blurred but this is 2/3 of a teddy bear destined for the school hand-made Christmas.
Finally is this year's Christmas piece for painting. Unfortunately I wasn't there the night we began so Miss painted my background.
No. It wouldn't have been my choice either which is a real shame as I am LOVING the pattern and it is soooooo quick to paint up. I just feel a little sad when I look at everyone else painting this on to a plain cream surface.

All this is in the last two weeks so perhaps my crafting mojo wasn't gone but just sleeping.


  1. have been a busy bee!!!!!

  2. So interested to see the way the bag turns out!
    And jammies? I so badly want to learn to sew for just this make anything! I am so impressed.

  3. You HAVE been busy! But I know what you mean about having someone else start your painting for you - difficult to be inspired when the background isn't what you would have chosen. :o{

    Locket xxx