Sunday, 25 October 2009

Day 25 Blogtoberfest Up here on the hill this weekend ...

  • CK and d/Boy made St.Clements jelly with mandarin pieces dropped in.
  • Princess C-W is at her first ever dinner party. Of course this is tempered in its grown-upness by the fact that they are having a sleepover afterwards.
  • Finished sewing the felted bag Pr.C-W took to the birthday party this afternoon.
  • Walked the dogs with my assistant dressed in her hi-vis jacket. It makes her sulk so she stops mid-run and then takes off trying to leave it behind! Unsuccessfully so far.
  • Went to the occasional cinema at our little Arts Centre - we were expecting to see 'Monsters vs Aliens'. For some reason it didn;t turn up in the post yet. Instead we watched 'Inkheart'. Not as scary as the book.
  • Walked the dogs in the daylight therefore no hi-vis required.
  • Finished one cushion for Halloween sleepover next weekend.
  • Collected free Lego.
  • Made chicken pie yesterday, ate it today.
  • Despite best efforts and hours researching innernets cannot find a pattern for girl's tunic/dress in bulky yarn.
  • Delighted in conversation shared between d/Boy and Dervish this afternoon about the need for men in ballet and how old one has to be to be allowed to do o/head lifts of ballerinas during 'Swans Lake'. 13 years old apparently. Nearly laughed out loud but was trying to appear 'not listening'.
  • Charged camera battery.
  • Collected next few months worth of drugs for old man dog.


  1. So, not been very busy then?!!!


  2. I need another month in Greece to recover from reading that!!


  3. Well Trash... life is certainly interesting in your house!!
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne