Friday, 20 November 2009

It isn't easy being a spikey creature you know.

What's your Patronus?
Your Result: Your Patronus is a Hedgehog!

Bravery is your strong suit, and you are a kind creature to all, though your spiney exterior may make others think otherwise. You are proud of the strange parts of you that make you different!

Apparently the next two most likely options were Wolf and Panther. Elegant, graceful, energetic, bounding, intelligent carnivores. However the Patronus Gods decided I would be best off as a hedgehog . A bristley, scuttley, lice-ridden, little creature. If I get the choice bags I being like one of these ones.


  1. If it helps, I could always ask Mr DC if he'd build you a hedgehog house ... though how do you feel about nesting down in dry leaves and hay?

  2. what are your 'strange parts' - the ones you are proud of? I didn't notice anything particularly strange about you when I saw you. Next time I'll look more closely....

  3. i dont think you have a spiney exterior!!!!


  4. Now,now...they don't ALL have lice.

    Can't help wondering about your strange part, though! Haven't noticed them in your bloggy photos ;)

  5. What do Katy and Quinn mean? No strange bits? Of COURSE you've got strange bits! That's what makes you so fantastic and special!

    I'm all in favour of strange bits - got quite a few of them myself too!!!

    Locket xxxx

    P.S. Which quiz did you do?

  6. A hedgehog! That is great!! Expeto - patronum!!!!

    Or something like that.

    yes...I agree with Locket whole heartedly and would also like to know what quiz.

  7. I wandered here from the Women's Colony and just spent time reading some of your recent posts. My brain is reeling from having to do some serious American to Australian/British translating. But that is a good thing! Loved the pictures from the department store.

  8. you know I love 'the hog' and now that I'm linked to them so much more closely I love them even more!

    Glad I'm a wolf tho tee hee ;-)

  9. ooof...sorry about that...i can't help feeling *I* might be one of the STRANGE BITS you inexplicably like!!! :)

    (ps: i ♥LOVE♥ hedgehogs...& anyway can't imagine you as wolf or panther or ANYTHING predatory; a creature that's adorable but takes NO CRAP...yeah...that sounds about right!!♥)