Sunday, 3 January 2010

We set extremely low ambitions for these holidays ....

.... unfortunately we fell short of achieving them.

These past two weeks have been among the most slothful I can remember spending. Ever.

Grandad's Christmas present after my assistant's exploration.
I was more energetic in the weeks after birthin' babies than I have been over this Christmas.
our seasonal lttle village
I have discovered a new skill or two in this time, been delighted with thoughtful gifts from family new friends and old.
tablerunner I am in love with and adore

sweet Christmas star from Casey Random

But now the decorations are packed away, the last of the holiday fare has been consumed and it is time to return to a more normal operating schedule.
Wish us luck!


  1. It seems to me the whole blogging universe spent the last two weeks slothfully.

    I know I did!

  2. We've had a pretty slothful time too and I've realised I'm not a natural born sloth - unless I'm left entirely alone to knit, of course.

    Love your tablerunner. I hope you get to keep it on the table all year - far too lovely to put away.


  3. Happy New Year! Yes, this back to reality thing...stinks something fierce.

  4. Bleeuuughhh. I am moving too slowly to comment really, due to mince pie torpor, but Trash, can you explain why there's a giant Christmas cake on top of one of your tiny Christmas roofs/rooves? Did the tiny tiny baker have a fit of pique? Did his lady run off with the gym intructor? Still, the tiny tiny robins will have snackage galore. Which is nice.

  5. i know what you mean - soo much washing to do!!!! - let alone cleaning!!! and sooo much sewing/knitting i want to do!!


  6. i do think SLOTH is the least appreciated...and in many ways, most useful...of the deadly sins. sure, the glamorous big ticket sins get all the attention, like those show-offy LUST & GREED fellas...but those require so darned much *effort*! (and in the case of LUST, probably some fancy undergarments) whereas dear old SLOTH is such an approachable, come-as-you-are sin. gotta like that. :)