Sunday, 21 February 2010

A question from the end of half term.

Sitting in the living room this Sunday afternoon, hanging out together as the half term ebbs away. Pr. C-W is on the yellow couch drawing, I am hanging washing over the clothes horse, CK gently tormenting his daughter and d/Boy is quietly observing the world.

Comment was made on the radio about sponsorship of the PGA golf tour. Muttering slightly Princess Curly-Wurly said something about suspecting Tiger Woods not having to worry about that for a while. After a few seconds d/Boy said 'Why?' Again playing the funky modern mama card I answered 'Because he has no honour.'


'He went out with other women when he was already married.'

'You go out with other men and you are married. And so does Daddy (what!!!).'

'Yes but he (Tiger Woods) went out with those women in a kissing kind of way.'


(I can see these questions are just going to trickier and tricksier.)


  1. Obviously Tiger Wood's Mum didn't explain to him the situation in that kind of way. Maybe if she had he wouldn't now be up the creek without a paddle, wife, kids and sponsorship. Thank heavens my kids aren't asking those kind of questions.

  2. I love listening to those conversations! She's quite well informed too. What else does she know?!!

  3. It won't be long before he knows more than you and then you'll be the one asking tricky questions

  4. just wait a couple more years and then the questions get really tricky!!!


  5. ok, the silent screaming of "WHAT?!" should very possibly be directed in future *NOT* (as i first thought) at young d-boy who ASKS THE TRICKSIE q's but at the obviously MUCH more mature poker-faced miss who clearly doesn't need to ask. ...hmmmm... fraught with pitfalls, this whole "modren mum" lark, innit?!

    (i must say, you're doing VERY well tho...much more than i would for sure!!!!!!!!!!! top marks!!!)

  6. You've got to love the fact that he questions though. I will be very disappointed the day my two don't ask questions anymore.

    By the way, loving the funky mama description. :D


  7. Wait, I thought we agreed "what happens in America, stays in America"! I feel the need to go to confession. "Forgive me d-boy, for I have sinned..."

    ps: am I bay mother because I saw that one of TLGs fish had died and I left it for TBG to deal with when they get home tonight?

  8. Oh I'm so glad it's you dealing with those questions and not me - although I fear my time might come! Lucy x

  9. Ha haaa 'in a kissing kind of way' - filing that one away for future use!


  10. I had NO idea they had kissing gates in California. You learn something every day.