Thursday, 25 March 2010

A February finish.

My assistant claimed this one.

Seems she is prepared to overlook the eagle-beaky, non-ovine shaped nose of the wee sheep.

Am not sure I am prepared to overlook her stretching out on Maria's backseat after she rolled in the stinkiest badger poo ever. Or the fact that the only cleaning product within arm's reach as I bathed her was my Neal's Yard citrus handwash.

Revenge came later in the afternoon with a pair of scissors, some wispy hair around her ears and 15 minutes of thoroughly enjoyable (for me) coat cutting.


  1. He he ... revenge is sweet!!!
    Just love your sheep, I've got that Tilda book and I've been drooling over that little lovely for ages!!!
    Bet your little assistant smelled delish after her bath though!!!
    Joy :o)

  2. bless her little black socks.

    In response to Tuesday's post. Have you not heard the excellent 'we have a king that rides a donkey?' If that's not a good Easter song I don't know what is. I am singing it right now. You may be able to hear me, I'm singing it quite loudly.

  3. Now that is a very adorable photo. How did you get her still for long enough???

    Locket xxx

  4. Badgertastic: One dog's interpretation!

  5. Awwww, bless. As for the badger poo though ... :-O x

  6. Yer kiddin' me? The rolling in stinky badger poo pooch scores NEAL’S YARD CITRUS WASH while all this time I'm PINING for the stuff and all that is at my arm's reach is squished together soap end bits?

    Nope. No justice.

  7. just like kids or dogs to exponentially up the cute quotient after doing something unforgiveable, eh??!?! clearly this is darwinism at work!!! (she *IS* flippin' adorable there...seriously...) ♥♥♥