Thursday, 11 March 2010

Gifts Part the Third

This really is getting ridiculous isn't? We are now over month since my birthday and I still haven't actually managed to show you all the fabulousness. Just one more post after this I promise.

My favouritest cousin stitched this sampler and knew exactly which was the right home for it.

It reads
" To know what you prefer,
instead of humbly saying 'Amen'
to what the world says you ought,
is to have kept your soul alive. "

As well as pretty fabric Jennyflower enclosed this embellished paper artwork. Shown here the colours have a more yellow cast than in reality. Along with Lauren's piece (from previous post) it is gracing my bookshelves so I may enjoy it daily.
And while the picture below does not give the most accurate or professionally displayed image of one of the most amazing things I have received in my life ever, I wanted to show it living its life.
Mrs. Locket, Thimbleanna, Mrs Stashbasket, Wonderwoman, Little Cotton Rabbits and most especially Mrs Moog please accept this huge enormous bouquet of thanks. I am in awe at the skill and talent that created my blanket


  1. Definitely most especially Mrs. Moog -- she did all the work! Lovely gifties Trashy -- and very well deserved!!!

  2. You should be in awe! I knitted HOLES and a picture - I was VERY impressed with myself! (modest too!)

    Locket xx

  3. absolutely Mrs Moog!!!! She did loads but i loved doing my bit!!!


  4. Aww shucks....blushing now. It was one of the happiest things I've ever helped to make because it was for you!!

    Great to see your boy has found his way round the silly notion of the Wii being an active form of entertainment too - Monster twigged that one very quickly and can now jog for about 20 minutes whilst barely moving :)


  5. oooooooooooooooh! GOOD GOLLY!!! those are some talented types you hang with missus t!!! but then birds of a feather and so forth! ♥♥♥