Sunday, 14 March 2010

World Book Day, Thursday March 4, 2010. EDIT

Our theme for World Book Day this year was Space.

At 1600 hours the afternoon before my two figured out what they were going as.

The Silver Surfer.

And Marvin the Paranoid Android.

I finished sewing costumes at 0845 Thursday morning.

I really shouldn't be surprised by their odd choices, should I?
Just wanted the world to know I faced up to the demon of stretchy fabric
I made those white leggings!!!!!!!


  1. Looooove the costumes. Can I send my kids your way next time they want to dress-up...vbg. I promise they will give you the same amount of

  2. I have to make two little foxes (from Fantastic Mr Fox) by Wednesday. Heaven help me.

  3. they look bloddy brilliant!!!


  4. Mother of the Year award!!!!

    I see Princess C-W has chosen new Marvin over Old Marvin. I suppose it's a generational thing.

  5. You're awesome Trashy! I love their choices - anyone can be Horrid Henry can't they?

    Our school didn't do the dressing up thing but we do have an Easter egg decorating challenge. One with a MacBeth theme and the other Caribbean!


  6. Tell the truth - that's you in those costumes! I KNOW it !!!

    ps: my niece is trying to find a way to STAY in your homeland. My brother and his wife haven't begun to panic. Yet. But I think it's because they are still recovering from the 36 hour trip from Sydney to Red Housem, West Virginia.

  7. Marvin the Paranoid Android is nothing short of inspired. Facing up to stretchy demons is pure living on adrenaline. So impressed...

  8. Can I please order 3 pairs of tights Black,Purple & Grey should do Oh in my size of course!!

  9. HOLY MACARONI!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i would've been 100% impressed just by the choices and the way they were visualized...DOUBLE QUICK TIME!!! but then you MADE all the bits including THOSE LEGGINGS??!?!??! and here i am madly excited when i can follow a pencil line around a circle with my machine and come out with something vaguely round. i am not worthy to speak of sewing in your presence. (not that it'll stop me...but hey i'm givin' you yer "PROPS", k?!) :)

    ps: "i'm a personality prototype. you can tell, can't you?!" (fave marvin line--sorry DB, i don't actually have a fave silver surfer line to go with!)