Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Abu Dhabi Software Team in action.

destructoBoy was fizzingly excited about playing a real game against another school.
He was even more excited when it was grim and rainy on the day. He was desperate to get really muddy.

The boys were disppointed when the other school didn't turn up.
They said they forgot but we reckon it is because they were scared.

Two, four, six, eight
who do we appreciate?
Not the King and not the Queen
but Abu Dhabi Software team!


  1. yeh ... they were totally wetting their pants in fear!

  2. Yea i reckon someone gave them the heads up about what an awesome team your son is playing in!!!


  3. Sounds like they were scared of the mud and rain!

  4. The other team "forgot"???

    Sure they did. Forgot their nerve, maybe! ;)

  5. YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH...bunch o'chickens, clearly! or mud-fearing neat freaks. (i'm actually not sure which would be worse in the d-boy age pantheon of embarrassment??!) maybe *BOTH*!!! :)