Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Text conversations

Princess C-W went on a sleepover last night.

She took the recently refound cheapy mobile phone we bought last year for Granma's visit.

I received five gazillion messages, most of them saying 'Hi Mum :-)', a few telling me how cool the den they were building was, one asking for ideas as to what they might include in said den then another saying simply 'Muuuuum ;-) ;-)'. This one followed on from my suggestion of ' ...all them crazy elephant bones.'

CK sent her one at 7.30 last night telling her to go tell the mother in the house that it was past time for her (Princess C-W) to go to bed. Her reply? 'No! Very busy den making.'

CK has just shown me text from this morning - 'Come home NOW. I miss you. Love Izzy'

The response? 'I'm having my breakfast now go have yours and leave dad's phone alone. Love Pr.C-W'


  1. Hahaha -- she's learning young! And she's terribly clever!!!

  2. That darn dog sure is clever working out how to use the mobile phone - did she do it in a Russian accent too? And did P-C-W have a good time/any sleep at her sleepover?

    Locket x

  3. awwwwwwwwwww! i think that sort of sums up kids at that age...ever so much more savvy & independent than we were...but still just the teeniest bit wanting mum & dad at crucial momentes! ♥♥♥

    ps: if anyone else said their dog was texting their daughter i would just scoff... but that izzy is pretty *SMART*!!! (tell ck to have phone # to pet shop blocked immediately before pallette loads of kibble & cat-shaped chew toys get delivered daily!)

    ps to missus locket-pocket: SLEEP??!?! at a sleepover??!?!? hahaHAHAHAhaha!

  4. What a cutie!
    I love how your blog begins, with your definitions? Super funny!
    I'm having a look around

  5. The more fun that you have texting now, the easier it will be when you have 2 teenagers to keep up with. Trust me on this one.