Wednesday, 28 April 2010

I just flew in from London and boy are my arms tired!

Day One in the Big Brother House.

Slept until 7. Under close supervision made porridge in a microwave AND didn't even make the microwave smoke or break or anything.

Dropped Sylv at an appointment. Walked down shopping street and forced laughter to stay on inside, not nice to mock the afflicted inhabitants - everyone moaning about cold weather. Cold weather? Breezy? Yes very. Cold? Not so much. At least 18 degrees here and no sign of anything even vaguely frostlike but it did rain tonight, for a little minute.

Sifted through baskets of fabric stash in sewing room, acquired a few for Northern Hemisphere repatriation. Haven't even begun on baskets of yarn stash. Have made arrangement with Sylv that come the time to divide the spoils here I will get the entire contents of the sewing room and Giovanna, will have all the jewellery. Strangely Giovanna readily accepting of non-stash acquisition.

Off in about 8 hours to Australian Quilt Convention for a poke around and a nosey. Hoping to see familiar faces then off to Golden Brother's for dinner.

Locket is not alone in her familial set-up. I too have a bossy big sister and we are working to a timetable now.
Sunday - visit to the High Country for aged uncle's birthday party.
Tuesday The Farm (nr Great Ocean Road) for visit to Giovanna's m-i-l and then to race meeting. Possibly overnight, must check.
Thursday/Friday nights - stay with cousin on farm in Heathcote region.

So next week think of me travelling the UK equivalent of London to Glasgow several times but on roads haunted by suicidal marsupials and in bitter, icy temperatures (hahahahaha!)

We have a full tank of gas, a half a pack of cigarettes, it is dark and we're wearing sunglasses. Hit it! (Plus I have fully charged my camera) Cue Peter Gunn theme.


  1. so, regarding your last para, are you thelma, or louise!!!! So glad you arrived safely, say hi to your ma for me! Am thinking of you with all that stash - heaven!!!

  2. Not only is your big sister bossy but she clearly has no appreciation of the value of your Mum's stash! Tsk...fancy going for the jewellery over the yarn and fabric - she'll rue the day she agreed to that!!

    I hope Sylv is doing ok. I'm sure having her baby girl there to share fabric and yarn love with is going to do her the power of good.

    Have fun and keep warm!! Did you pack your thermals?


  3. Oooooh! I'm soooooooo glad that someone else has to suffer the indignity of a bossy big sister! ;o)

    Locket xxx

  4. How long are you here for?
    We should meet up for a coffee or something.

  5. But the nice thing is, I know you love your BBS as much as I love mine - however bossy they are!

  6. hey trash, I thought Australia felt different !
    Have a blast at the AQC - Ballarat patchwork will be there - you certainly have arrived at the high season of craft...

  7. Yes but did anyone else giggle out loud as I did at your heading???

  8. I giggled, Mary, as I made a mental picture in my mind. Where exactly are you Trash? Beach or Bendigo way?? I'm going to AQC on Saturday but looking forward to seeing you somewhere in your busy schedule. Just for the record, I ALSO have a BBS!

  9. Lancefield is near Heathcote so don't forget to have a peep at Sewjourn if you are driving past....

    Enjoy - and if there's a coffee date let me know.....

  10. oof! i bet they ARE missus...that's a bloomin' long flight you got there!!! :)

    sounds like things are going ok so far...quilt show...stash-securage..."COLD" weather that is warmer than home... well done, there!!!

    hope things continue ok & that sylv is doing all right!!! thinking of you, missus!!! ♥♥♥

  11. I have a mental image of Thelma and Louise! Hope you have a fantastic time. :) x

  12. As the supposed bossy sister....i have to say i'm not bossy at all!!!! Just organised!

    In reference to stash VS jewellery deal .... you've clearly never seen sylv's jewels

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  14. Suicidal marsupials? Is there a Samaritans for wombats?

  15. ROADTRIP!!!! Dude! Haven't partaken in one of these since my college days!!!