Saturday, 17 April 2010

I'm leaving on a jet plane.


My flight is due to take off in ten days time. Seems ages right?


I live in the UK. There may never be a flight from this island again.

Heathrow will become a mahoosive apartment complex and Gatwick a nature reserve.

Even if the plumes from Eyjafjallajokull settle in the next 24 hours there is still The Backlog (insert dramatic noise - ba ba ba baaaaah) to be dealt with.

Currently my position is ok.

I am not hanging around the airport waiting for a flight.
While I am headed home I am also at home.
There is no urgency for me to get anywhere.
I am not stuck in a country where I cannot understand the language (although ...).

However even if I assume planes are up and running by Monday there seems small chance those of us who managed to book a flight NOT in a week an unprounceable volcano exploded in Iceland will get onto our chosen planes.

As yet I haven't spoken with QANTAS and their homepage doesn't even mention an eruption let alone cancellations and delays. Way to go on handling modern media QANTAS in-house pr/marketing people.

For now I shall just sit quietly and practice knitting those blurry Polly Jean socks and be grateful I am not the friend stranded in Belfast. He has spent his week a) being bombed b) having a solitary birthday and c) his hire car got clamped.


  1. Wow. What a mess. I'll bet you're also grateful that your trip wasn't originally planned this weekend. Your poor friend! A lot can happen in a week and I'm betting you'll be just fine!

  2. They've put something up on their website now:

    But the uncertainty must be really annoying.

  3. Bloody volcanoes, they just have no sense of timing! LOL

    Sooooooo..... will you still be in Melbourne for SIT on 15 May? It's going to be so much fun, I can't wait!

    Hope your flights don't get stuffed around. Surely they can sort out the backlog in 10 days, touch wood! :-)

  4. Hopefully it will all be sorted long before your flight goes!! well, here's hoping!


  5. You'll get there - they wouldn't dare let any volcanic ash stand in your way! ;o) Locket xx

  6. Well...the Gatwick Nature Reserve part sounded, um...nice?

    Sorry about your situation, Trashy. I've been feeling a bit of "should'a done" lately, because I came very close to visiting Iceland in March. Kinda wish I had, because I expect the "before" picture just isn't going to be available, and if I ever do get there, it will be the "after" picture only.

    Hope it all works out timely for your trip, which is far more important than my Attempted Holiday would have been.

    What's strange to me, here in the US, is that all the news stories about air travel and volcanic ash sound quite dire in the short term, but they all end with "but President Obama will be flying to Poland as planned." A bit freaky and frightening, that.

  7. I'm sure it'll all have cleared up by the time you have to go - especially as most people will have totally given up on air travel and will have walked across continents to get to their destinations!

    In the meantime, enjoy those Polly Jeans - did I mention just how comfy mine are?


  8. Aaaaaggggghhhhhh! You may be stuck there forevermore the way things are going. I just heard it might be at least another week yet!

  9. chaletgirl will NOT let a volcano interrupt Sew it me...

  10. Oh geez, Jodie, the PRESSURE!

    But thanks for the giggle.

    Good luck, Trash! I have faith, I really do!