Thursday, 15 April 2010

Seriously, he comes out with some doozies.

destructoBoy has just asked me the question I have been dreading since they learned to talk.

'How do people get babies?'

'Ummmmm ... do you mean giving birth or getting pregnant?'

'Getting pregnant.'

(Oh great, you couldn't have chosen the easy path.)

'Well, it involves a woman..'

'What about men? Do you need men?'

(No really, ask me the unloaded question next time.)

'Yes, men choose the sex of the baby.'


'Have you heard of sex?'


'Well, babies come when grownups ...'

'Do you have to be in love with someone? To have sex?'

'Well, yes. That is usual.'

(He is eight, I am NOT going into the world of non-relationship based sex.)

'Do you and Daddy have sex?'

'Daddy and I don't want a baby.'

And so I went onto explain in some detail what happens. I had to stop myself laughing out loud at the look of disgust on his face.


  1. Priceless! I don't recall any of my boys asking me outright like that!

  2. I love how you avoided the question of what you and Daddy get up to ;-)

    Eight? Oh no, that means this is on its way to us very soon ...

  3. LOL!!!
    I used to refer to the sheep, and the ram, and the little lambs in Spring...they would giggle a bit when the saw the ram doing his job...

  4. I love your answer to "Do you and daddy......."

  5. i think you handled that perfectly!


  6. That was an expert deflection to rival David Seaman.

  7. Trashie you done good!!! Brilliant 'dodging' there too, well done, you handled it beautifully ;o).
    Now where were you when I needed you 17 years ago!!!???
    Joy :o)

  8. Oh no, well at last it's over with ... for now!
    Better than the 'book of life for girls' that mysteriously appeared on my bed one day ;-)

  9. I had to do all this for the firstborn when he was 5!!! With regular updates every so often. The second bo0rn either knows enough from all those talks or is just not curious at all. But 5!! I was really NOT ready for that. And, errr, I did admit to having sex when asked, possibly because my child seemed to think sex would be painful so I had to tell him it was "quite nice". Oh and last week I explained all about periods to him, have previously kept this a deep dark secret as he is so very squeamish about blood.

  10. Honesty is the best policy, as they say :o)

    Well handled Missus and so glad to know there's no naughty business going on up on the hill. I'm sure CK is mighty relieved to know that we all know he never 'does it' unless you want to make a baby!!


  11. LOL I had to explain to my eldest when she was 8 after what I thought was a simple explaination she said" I dont believe you Im asking Daddy!! who proceeded to tell her we found her in a cabbage patch which she believed!! when she asked again at age 10 I explained & she said " never mind mummy at least you only had to do it twice!!" (once each for her & sister,) she was most disgusted when I explained that no you did it quite a bit...then we had the condom question but thats another story!!

  12. I guffawed all the way through the story, til I saw Stomper Girl's comment. 5 years old? Gahhh. I was hoping I had another 3 years up my sleeve before I got the difficult question.

    Top marks for deflecting the "do you and daddy" question!!!!

  13. These questions are so tough! I came up with the time honoured and mature response. "Ask your father".
    Handballed nicely.

  14. The first conversation is the hardest. No, wait--the one about oral sex is harder!

  15. ok, see, this just goes to show you how EVERYTHING in life is 100% relative: 'cause i'm guessing on THIS DAY you were longing for a VOLCANO, weren't ya??!???!?!?!

    (well dones, missus!!! full marks for non-shirkage & admirable conciseness!!!)