Sunday, 30 May 2010

All pleasantly exhausted.

Day dawned dry.
Somewhat belatedly we got to the venue.

A half-closed gate is usually indicative that one should NOT try and pass through said gate.
If one is sounds sufficiently apologetic in the UK one can get away with an awful lot (viz above).

Princess C-W and destructoBoy enjoyed the low ropes but were too busy hanging with their mates to line up for the abseiling and rock-climbing wall.

CK greatly impressed at the archery line. Managed to land a few arrows, even got one in the yellow! Perhaps a new hobby is on his horizon?

Next stop the river and Pr.C-W was off into the water within minutes. I looked across at one point from my spot on the bank to see my girl standing tall on the kayak seat! Great fun but eclipsed when five of them took to the water on a homemade raft. Lots of splashing, paddling in circles and cold legs but it was one thrilled and delighted girl who shivered her way back to the car to change into dry clothes.

After BBQ lunch sitting with friends we legged it back to the river's edge as dBoy and his friend Dervish had first dibs on getting into the kayaks having waited so long before lunch.

Hilarity ensued. destructoBoy got brave enough to stand up in his kayak while Dervish walked across the raft of kayaks sitting midstream. He fell in twice accidentally and deliberately the third time.

dBoy, with two other lads, balanced on a raft and paddled up and down the stream. He too ended up wet through but considers the prize his as he remained (for the most part) dry.

Exhaustion had us all by this point so we made our way home warming up and drying out while scoffing chocolate biscuits, Fruit Tingles (Australian bob) and fizzy drinks and listening to the second series of Bleak Expectations.

A big HooRa to our local Scout leaders for organising a fabulous Family Day Out in such a wonderful setting.


  1. it sounds like the perfect day (including the fruit tingles, still a favourite for me) ... and no photos to prove it.

  2. This sounds like maybe a year-end school tradition for the children? Sounds like it was perfect. I enjoyed reading all about your trip to AU too -- looks like you had a wonderful time!

  3. That sounds like a spiffing Enid Blyton day out - lashings of ginger beer, and a nice fruit cake for tea?! x

  4. and no camping to be done by anyone.... surely a win

  5. Ooh, now that looks like an interesting comment M12aegaen! How's your Chinese trash?

    Sounds like a brilliant day out - water, choclate biscuits and ropes, what more could a child ask for?

  6. What a fantastic sounding day! Thank heavens the organisers weren't put off by all the horrendous health and safety red tape that normally stops fun days like that!

    L x

  7. ok, that *DOES* sound fun, assuming i can be in the group who is dry on the bank with the chocolate biscuits and not standing (??!???!) on the seat of the kayak in the rocky river! :)

    (you can always tell the kid-less grown-up in any group, she is the one having heart attacks and shouting "be CAREFUL!" every 5 minutes to adventurous and (understandably) ignoring children!)

    ps: archery, eh?! who knew? well done, CK!