Friday, 28 May 2010

One week and then a weekend in Australia praecised in pictures.

Australian Quilt Convention 2010
The venue, Ballarat Patchwork's stand, the quilts, the Amitie girls.
Revisting childhood memories at the beginning of the Victorian High Country.
The blackened trees were from pre-emptive burning on Black Saturday
Next day we headed down at 'The Farm' in the Western Coastal region.
The cockies were heading home to roost, the storm clouds were brewing and the horses were cross at being interrupted mid-supper.
In a non-Marx Bros way we spent a day at the races.
Giovanna's f-i-l watching his horse not win. Note posh members pass?
Killer Attack brother arranged for myself and Sylv to go visit them up in the tropics.
Tropical views form the street and the deck, football/soccer played by my grown-up godson, a visitor blew in while we watched from the shade, a gecko, the world's biggest box ever of 'please take me back' chocolates (they were unsuccessful but very yummy) .

Sew It Together bus trip in pics.
Too many to name individually but thanks for a lovely day (does anyone else remember the Fossey's advert?)
Sew It Together - the craft sessions.
So many new friends, so little actual crafting, so much fun.


  1. great pics - the convention looked like it was amazing - and i'm not envious at all..... really!!!!!xx

  2. Even the embiggening button isn't making those photographs big enough to suit me...I want to walk right into some of those landscapes.

  3. You certainly did get to see a lot of country in your travels. Beautiful photos. I'm glad you had a good time and got to catch up with friends and family.

  4. Look at all those RicRac goodies!

    And I have a weird obsession w/ the Victorian High Country. Weird in that I've never been there but feel a great affinity with it. Go figure.

  5. your photos from sit look great. i love a montage but i am so lazy to do one. are the individuals pics up on flickr? i exceeded my monthly limit and have to get back to it in a couple of days to finish of.

  6. It all looks and sounds fabulous so next time can you please take me too????

  7. uh huh. no envy here. no sirree bob. not of the GORGEOUS oz LANDSCAPE certainly! nor the quite posh sporting venues! obviously the chocs are un-appealing. and as for a whole weekend spent with crafty nutters makin' stuff outta fabric, laughing and shopping and so forth. PAH!!! what a lucky escape i have had not to be there! (can i ride in locket's suitcase, please??!?! i will be NO TROUBLE (ok...wellllllll...) and especially effective in disposing of unwanted sweets!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  8. Come back Trash, we miss you xx