Thursday, 27 May 2010

No really, just like a photoshoot.

Getting there.
As children we used to call these the Devil's marbles.
From their own hives.
Something beautiful on the walls.
The side verandah.
Looking down the drive.
Just hanging around.
Sylv grape harvesting in the garden.
My cousin quince-harvesting nearby.

Looking toward the back verandah.
This year's bumper harvest.
Built with timber from an old building on the property.
Back verandah.


  1. Lovely photogs, Trash! All of them. I especially like the look of the reused boards - I am always trying to use old bits and pieces to make new things, usually sheds, so I take a keen interest. Those boards look like they are STITCHED together! Are they?? At last, a use for my leftover sock yarn??

    The shot of all the boots and work coats - and fire gear - is brilliant.

    Nice work :)

  2. lovely pics - gives us a taste of your visit.

  3. A beautiful home captured beautifully..

  4. That last shot trash - is exactly what our back verandah looked like as a kid - its a beautiful photo.

  5. Looks like paradise to me...

  6. this looks so peaceful and relaxing ... exactly like a home.

  7. QUINCE harvesting??!?!? yes indeed. you are definitely winning in both quality of photos... (holy moly they are indeed LOVELY if i haven't mentioned this before...and i am particularly impressed with your gorgeous and seemingly effortless photo COLLAGE boards...which every time i assay turn into HUGE amounts of work and cursing!!!!!!!!!) ...and perfection/rareness of subject. WOW! ♥♥♥