Tuesday, 8 June 2010

too weird for words

Have just spoken with Giovanna and Sylv on Skype. It is very strange. Very.

I don't think CK's lil baby computer is up to dealing with internet video calls. There was a lot of delay and pausing and jerking and volume issues.

That said it is a triffic idea and may just make it my new best friend ever.


  1. that sounds brilliant fun!! Have facility on my computer but have never tried it!!


  2. Never done it, sounds amazing but freaks me out at the same time!

  3. Must be weird and fab in equal measure! Lucy x

  4. I agree with your second commenter!!

    Mr Moog seems to spend most of every Christmas morning on Skyp trying to 'talk' to the brother he can't stand because his Dad is on the phone 'arranging' a family video conference.

    Meanwhile, I'm in the kitchen nursing the dinner and drinking rather too much wine!!

  5. second commenter does indeed make an excellent point, it must be said. on the other hand, i have always found that men in lederhosen have "chafing issues" which mustn't be underestimated. :)

    re skype: heretofore i haz not done this. ought i to be skyping? i do not actually have a webcam, but it looks like you can do voice calls as well. (probably not as FUN but on the plus side, i tend to look better when you cannot see me!) ;0