Monday, 7 June 2010

Is it wrong to have a favourite number at bingo?

Two and six!

Girls night out at a fundraiser for the NICU* Baby Will and his big sister both spent some weeks in when they first arrived.

It is incredible how seriously some people took the loss of a chance to win a bottle of bleach and cleaning cloth. There was much sighing and shoulder-slumping each time Bingo! or House! was called. The venue was the local 'Social Club' but I reckon feeling like I needed to go home and 'Silkwood' scrub my skin was worth it for the 300 (or so) pounds raised.
(NICU - Neonatal Intensive Care Unit)


  1. Legs 11,
    88, two fat ladies.
    that's all I remember...grandma used to play bingo with me!!

  2. all i remember is 21, key of the door!!!xxx

  3. i even have a favorite *TIME*: 12:34! it's even better on a computer clock that has can see 12:34:56 if you are VERY LUCKY...and very, verrrrrrrrrrry sad enough to WANT TO!!! :)

    so g'head and love 26 as much as the law allows! ♥