Tuesday, 13 July 2010

OMG!!! A Finish. **edited**

Way back somewhere a million years ago I posted about all the WIPs I wanted to finish before end Dec 2010 and guess what? Tonight I managed to finish one! Yay.

So now Princess C-W has a brand new QUILT, completely finished as in bound and and quilted and everything.

(Of course she has actually been using it for over 12 months but - shhhhhhhhh- don't tell anyone).
(I was hoping no one would notice, I should have guessed someone would pick up on my error. Locket.)


  1. Yipee! Now we need a picture!!!

  2. Photos woman photos!!! Or else we won't believe you! Ha ha ha!

  3. Apparently I've been on Facebook too much, because I was looking for the "Like" button, to like your post :)

  4. Yes, we need evidence of said quilt. (Though its given me an idea of posting about a series of ballgowns I have made ... sans photos of course!).

  5. thank you....i can now rest easy!

    i'd also love to see photos...but I do believe you ;-)