Thursday, 15 July 2010

OK non-believers, hold on to your hats!

This is said quilt in its finished and drapey state. Pretty, non?
Filled with lovely colours Emma Scrapbag put together, interesting texture in the chenille.
A mix of both my worlds with the inner fabric a blog friend gift and the outer a mix of shirts
(one of which I actually loved and wore - don't tell my mother about the other) and a dress belongum Princess C-W.

And then we have the binding.
Gorgeous girlie, frilly pretty binding a gift from a friend.
Binding that was machine-stitched on both sides.
Oh Patch Andi, you clever, clever girl to make me feel brave enough to try this.

And then we have several reasons why it took so long to actually finish completely and 100%.


  1. It's beautiful Trashy!!! LOVE that binding!

  2. Oooh! That was weird! Blogger wouldn't let me leave you a comment!

    Beautiful, lovely, pink-ly gorgeous quilt Trashy! I believe you now!!!

    Locket xxx

  3. its absolutely beautiful and the binding looks fantastic!!


  4. What a pretty quilt, Trash!!!!!
    The binding looks wonderful (thanks for the little plug). And the pretty trim around the edge is absolutely gorgeous!
    Clever you!!

  5. Love the quilt Trashy ... those are my favourite kind, filled with memories - and of course loads of pink ;o). That binding is fabulous!!!!
    Joy :o)

  6. Gawjus Trashy!! Love the finishing touch to the edges!!

  7. hey i remember that shirt....

    love the quilt and especially the binding, very natty!

  8. Well done, it looks so pretty and I love the binding; I have never seen binding like that before.

  9. Trash it lookds great I especially love the binding

  10. I Believe! I believe!!! (And - might I say? - I'm mighty impressed!!!)

    Love ya work, clever clogs!

  11. oh, i LOVE it. such gorgeous colours and trim. yum.
    i also love all the assistance you got along the way ;)

  12. So pretty! I love those colors!

  13. Gorgeous binding! But, your little assistant! She's adorable! I've just been scouring your blog for more photos of her. Her Scottie origins show loud and clear don't they? I love Scottie dogs, would love to own one.
    Love Vanessa xxx