Wednesday, 11 August 2010

My kids went to the Isle of Wight and all I got was ...

... this black eye.
Do you like it?

Do you wanna see a close-up?
Rotten blurry kid.

Sunday afternoon as everyone was lolling around recovering from the week of holiday I pushed open the door into the living room just as Princess C-W turned suddenly.


Next thing I know I am on the floor with a black eye starting to form.

Wanna see?

I think my girl has a career in make-up artistry beckoning.
They are so realistic looking and fabulous fun to do.
This is destructoBoy's self-inflicted knee 'injury' or 'bruisescar' as it is also known he tells me.
All done with judicious application of eyeshadow and some gentle blending.
Hours of fun for the whole family. Except CK who is a grump and did not find it either funny or smart.


  1. Being quite clumsy, I am generally wearing a fading assortment of "the real thing" at any given time. Last month after dragging around 16' steel stock panels to fence in my goats, I wore long sleeves and trousers in public until I didn't look quite so much like the victim of a mugging - bruises from ankles to wrists. But no black eye! Just lucky, I guess!

  2. definitely a make-up artist in the making!!


    p.s. love my strawbs!

  3. :-O I thought you'd been really truly hurt and was worrying about you, and all the time it was a trick. Very good though - that girl of yours has a real talent :) x

  4. Very clever! Especially as my word verification is "pains"!!! Locket xx

  5. Oh man - you had me going there! I thought you'd fallen victim to a local ruffian.

    Marvellously convincing work and I'm genuinely shocked that CK didn't fancy wearing eye shadow - or is eyeliner more his style?


    p.s. see you next week! Squeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  6. Oh yes, she's definitely found her calling ..... that looks so cool :o)!!
    Joy :o)

  7. You had me going there for a minute Trash... I'm glad it is not the real thing but am very impressed with Princess C-W's obvious talent.

  8. 要友誼長存,我們必須原諒彼此的小缺點。......................................................

  9. You almost had me going there!

  10. As I was reading I was thinking "that is a very pretty bruise!"

    Then the truth was revealed..

  11. OOF! what's that sound??! ah yes, i am pretty sure it is *HOLLYWOOD* calling PC-W! her talents are needed, STAT!!! (you totally had me fooled!) (yikes!)

  12. Very cool and what a wonderful way to use those retro shades.
    I remember mum doing my makeup for calithenics way back when....I looked like a I had a black eye and I have the photos to proove it!
    Enjoy the injuries!

  13. The sparkley bits gave it away on the close up, but she did a great job and I was convinced up 'till then!!!

  14. Er, that's you. I thought that 'you' wasn't allowed on blogs

    Seriously though, top skills with the blue eyeshadow. Did you half inch it off Mrs Majors my Maths teacher? She blurry loved the stuff. In 1985 anyway.

  15. Oh no, am allowed on blogs. Just not allowed on tables apparently.