Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Part two of a Summer in pictures.

There was a lot of driving.

Some very intense cricket. Can't even claim it be clean and non-cheaty as I recall people running off with the shoes being used as stumps while the batsman ran up & down the pitch.

A little light sock knitting while the terences and my assistant ran themselves ragged down at Hengistbury Head. Weather stayed crubbish right up until we were driving away.

Do not be fooled by blue tinge to sky, this picture was taken in the few seconds between drizzley rain and very thick wet air.

But on the upside there was the most mahoosive bowl of popcorn ever made! Princess C-W was out playing ladies who lunch so d/Boy and I watched a movie. And ate A LOT of popcorn.

There was a lollipop incident for which I shall be dobbing CK in to the dentist.

And then there was the Festival of Quilts. Maria did the decent thing again and did all the driving while I continued on CK's 'plane socks'.

As well as a few horrors I refused to break my lens by photographing there were many fabulous creations.

This one just made me smile.


  1. You are So. Funny! There are horrors at quilt shows over there too? Very impressive! Interesting combo of ice cream cone, the big pickel and Big Ben.

  2. Oh I just love that last quilt .... simply gawjus!!! Everyone should have ice-cream trees he he he.

  3. brilliant driving pic!!! wish i had a car like that!
    festival of quilts was such a lovely day out.


  4. Love the photo of a chilly Moogs knitting! Locket xx

  5. Is D Boy planning to go to sea in a sieve?

  6. of course *EVERY* photo in said post is a delight and a wonder...but WOW...that last quilt is indeed ♥AM♥A♥ZING♥!!! i'd like to move to that city! i may even run for MAYOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  7. ps: GR "chillaxin" by da pool...BEST COMMENT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

  8. I wouldn't wish you breaking your camera lens - but, I wish you did have photos of really really bad creative stuff!! Bucks me up a bit -um, is that bad???