Sunday, 29 August 2010

*NEWSFLASH* Assistant denied chance to fulfill destiny


Just looked out window while washing dishes and saw socking great big cheeky skinny-tailed squirrel saunter onto grass, turn back toward shed before heading out across the Lower 40 and in behind the compost bin.

Part of me wants to let my assistant out to unleash the full force of her combined Highland heritage upon its Rattus norvegicus hide.

The other part has locked the front door and is glad she is asleep on the couch after a solid walk with Princess Curly Wurly this afternoon.


CK has just informed there are at least two and they seem to have set up home in the shed.



  1. Sigh....there was a time when Moog would chase the furry critters but now she's too old and blind.

    For the first time in the nine years that we've lived here we have regular squirrely visits.

    I say let her out and unleash those terrier instincts!


  2. yeh - not good! You definitely win this one.
    Release the hounds!

  3. Definitely put it on her "To Do" list!!!
    Joy :o)

  4. I'd turn her loose and wish her godspeed!

  5. 'Squirrel'!!! (just makes me laugh and think of that movie 'Up' which Em and i love!!!

  6. You're no fun!! Let the assistant out - trust me a small furry creature gets any great hunting hounds blood racing....even if they are knackered from a walk....vbg.