Saturday, 28 August 2010

Weird small world

As a family we like to watch 'Tonight's the Night' on Saturday night.

Not only to enjoy the heartwarming stories and John Barrowman's corny lead-ins but to massively take the rip from the over-the-top performances, dodgey clothing of superstars, 'expertly critique' the performances of West End dancers and other such activities as may lead to familial hysteria before bedtime.

Imagine my surprise tonight when a 'face' was pulled from the crowd to be sung at by John Barrowman and it turned out to belong to a man I used to work with!

Princess C-W and destructoBoy were beside themselves with laughter.


  1. now all i can hear is:
    Its a small world after all
    Its a small world after all
    Its a small world after all.

    Ive got a luverly bunch of coconuts....tum de tum.

    mmmmmmmm spent too much time watching kids movies!!!!

    its a small small world!!!!!

  2. ditto the above, not gonna get that out of my head all day now!! But what hoot!!


  3. john barrowman involved in an enterprise which can even tangentially be described as "corny"??!?!? SURELY NOT!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)