Saturday, 11 September 2010

All in all a busy week really.

OK so really the week began on Friday 3 September but how ridiculous to start a new school year on a Friday. Bah!

All dressed up in her 'big school' uniform my girl left the house to start a whole new adventure.

Then on the Monday proper it was destructoBoy's birthday.

*Presents. *Teatime cake. *Playing with the teatime cake. *Racing Granma's car.

This coincided with two new ventures here on top of the hill. One that involves an extra nine yo 6/10 mornings during termtime and the other was the whirling dervish arrival of the AbFab puppy.

TG we only have her for a few weeks as I am sure both my assistant and the old men dogs would be moving out at the thought of it becoming even semi-permanent.

Smiley Carol got brave enough one morning to deliver my fabulous parcel in the 'As You Like It' Swap 2010.

So much swappy loveliness from Jane. My themes were clouds (because I am such a geeky nerd and love looking up at them and the shapes they make)and also apples. Jane played with both and these are the results.

All the loot.
*Two of my favourite things - Amy Butler fabric and Snickers (those chocolate bars are so teeny weeny!).*Front and back of the pincushion (oh how clever is that Amusement Park fabric?). *Lovely appley Thank You cards. *Super smart Paisley notebook I had to put out of Pr C-W's hands. * Tissues that made me smile. * Sweet appley fabric basket in which to place all the teeny weeny US bob. * The cloudy back of my lovely Ticker Tape quilty hanging.

And then the front of the ticker Tape Quilt.
There is so much going on it is eyecandy for the soul. An eyeful of sweetness and a colour high every time I look at it. I just love it. Thank you Jane it is all simply delicious.

Wednesday after school d/Boy and I invented 'sweetie/Nerf shooting'.

*Throwing out the bob. * Bullet firing. The premise being if he hit the bob he could eat it. Needless to say the bob were safe ;-)
So much of this week (and the last) has been taken up with 'doing' Pr C-W's room . It went from this -

To this.

And yesterday the carpet man came and laid a brand new raspberry pink carpet. Farewell threadbare, stinky, horrid, 40 yo Axminster.

So while the man was laying the pretty new carpet yesterday I started the party baking. We have gold coins, some skellington and 'X marks the spot' biscuits. In the bottom R corner is the 'wooden treasure chest' sitting over the cake.

Right then. Off to bed in preparation for the onslaught.


  1. blimey, that was a helluva week!!!!


  2. Oh my good lawd Trashy - you've squeezed just about everything possible out of that week!

    Pr CW's new room looks just fab and so very grown up, as does she on her way off to big school. Give her a hug from me and Minx :o)

    I have to say that is one very pretty spanielly puppers you have staying with you. Several weeks you say? You are a very generous dog-sitter indeed.

    Your swap parcel is fab - I love that quilt!


  3. What fab party preparations! And doesn't princess CW look fab going off to school - it's a funny feeling isn't it? Love your swap goodies -especially that quilt! Locket xx

  4. A very busy week.

    And spookily we are having the kids rooms re painted - from hideous inherited federation colours to ..
    White !

  5. Bet your household is nice and quiet lately! 4 dogs? Insane. Loving all the swap goodies and the birthday cakey things. Yummy - am I too late to come and join in?

  6. Wow that is one busy week! I still love that carpet :P Where's the pictures of the new pink carpet? I do like pink xox

  7. That WAS a very busy week. Hope Destructo Boy was happy with his loot!

  8. goodness gracious me.....what a busy week,
    We also have been room exhausting!!!

  9. what a week - only wish i'd been there to share it with you .... not the dog sitting obviously ;-)

  10. Wow -- and you're still standing to talk about it! Great room makeover. GREAT swap package too -- love the little quilt. And be careful, with practice, DestructoBoy will be hitting the target!