Tuesday, 28 December 2010


Yesterday morning my old man dog stood up to go outside and shout at the melting snow. Unfortunately his back legs didn't come to the party. He made it out the front door only to fall flat on his tuchus.

CK and I spent the day observing him, looking for any little sign that would give hope. For hours there was nothing. His back legs were simply unable to bear weight and kept going out from under him.

We continued to watch. Silently. Both of us thinking the same thing but neither prepared to say it. Our victories were small. Standing for a second before collapsing. Managing to stagger across the room to CK rather than dragging himself using only his forelegs.

By teatime he was lying on the floor to eat. We continued sharing a look but saying nothing.

However Christmas miracles do occur and come bedtime he was standing, albeit gingerly. He spent the night upstairs in our room, curled up next to the heater. It obviously was a magic heater as the next morning he was able to walk downstairs with no more than the normal amount of assistance.

CK even took him out for a short walk yesterday afternoon.

I took him to the vet this morning and she confirmed that he has had another brain blowout. As she examined him she reminded me that it is all about quality of life and that for now my Old Man Dog has a great one.

For now this has to be enough.

My heart remains sore because I think we are on a path of diminishing returns and heartbreak won't be far off.


  1. How very sad ... I know how agonising it is, and I wish you and OMD a quiet time over the coming days

  2. Sending you both hugs. I have been there and it's the worst decision but also the best to make. To made that decision for my old girl was so hard but now I feel such a sense of peace when I think of her and I know she is happy and pain free.

    I am thinking of you all. Give OMD a hug from me.

  3. I've always been a "quality of life" person, but in situations like this it can be a very, very tough call. My heart goes out to you and your family.

    Years ago one of my vets was talking about his cats, and how he was able to keep one of the older cats ticking along because he - a vet - was there every day to monitor the situation and make a daily decision about the cat's quality of life. I was envying him this ability, when I realized the vet had stopped talking. I looked at him but he didn't look at me - just shook his head a little and said quietly, "I probably waited too long." I've remembered that story, and his regret, many times over the years. Every time I've been faced with the same decision, I suppose.

    Take care. Much heartfelt sympathy.

  4. oh hon,
    its so hard when we love our pets so much.
    wishing you all peace ans strength.

    aussie hugs

  5. I'm so sorry. We do love them so much, don't we? Wishing you peace when the time comes.

  6. Oh Trash, I'm so sorry. Sending very gentle hugs to all of you and especially to Old Man Dog.

  7. It's the waiting and then deciding that sucks so much. Hope you all, and old man dog, have a splendid new year next to the magical heater.

  8. Enjoy the pats and cuddles now...and think about the future later!

  9. Enjoy the pats and cuddles now...and think about the future later!