Sunday, 9 January 2011

Finally, with no further delay, the Christmas post.

I was the very fortunate recipient of a Christmas parcel from Ilene.
I have used her picture as a) my camera is still on strike, it will take images but refuses to download them and b) CK packed all the decs up before I remembered my 'new' phone has a whizzy camera. But you can see she made an amazing origami tree all decorated with bells and beads. I examined it hanging in the window several times over Christmas and I still can't figure out which bits are folded to where. A very clever piece of sewing magic.

Ilene also made a napkin holder, placing inside some Australian floral napkins which brought a smile to my Antipodean face as did the mahoosive bag of Snickers which I got to enjoy all to myself as no one else up here has the good taste I do ;-)

Do you see the lil angel beside the tree? This was the ornament I got to open before Christmas. And finally there was a calendar. An Australian calendar. Funny how it always works out that I get to open a calendar on the 25th. And this year I shall definitely be needing one to keep track of my Christmas present from CK.

What is it?
Oh, it would be a whole blog of its own given the chance but it will settle for an introductory post all to itself. Stay tuned.


  1. Illene made one of these trees for me too and they are just gorgeous............
    thanks for being part of the SSCS 2010...........

  2. Those little christmas trees are just stunning. You are lucky. Fancy the rest of the family not liking snickers bars. Obviously they don't have your great taste....pardon the pun....vbg.

  3. Lovely presents! So what's this mystery present from CK?

    L x

  4. smashing gifts!! Such a brilliant swap! Ok, spill the beans!!!!
    See you soon - thurs?