Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Urgent help required. All input gratefully received.

Have received an invite to a party.

A friend's 80th birthday party.

It will be in a swish hotel.

It is a dinner dance.

A dinner dance!

I have never been to a dinner dance in my life.

They are an event from my childhood that involved my mother dressing up and going out with a group of friends. Wearing long dresses, blue eyeshadow and enough hairspray to stick together all the fallen down bits of the Great Wall of China.

I am willing to go with some hairspray but really DON'T want the blue eyeshadow but my major problem is what do I wear???

I have a good line in long cardigans, a-line skirts and comfortable shoes. I don't think I do dinner dancewear. I'm not even sure what it is! All I can remember is my mother wearing a fabric flower on a velvet ribbon around her neck. Perhaps if I got a big enough flower no one would notice what else I had on. Or didn't ;-)

Suggestions gratefully received. I only have a month.


  1. Wide leg black trousers, floaty black top and accessorise with the big flower in an outrageous colour (to match your eyeshadow?)... okay... I don't know

  2. I think my mum may have gone to the same event, only she wore a bright green chiffon blouse with eyeshadow to match. And no mascara, I seem to recall.

    I used to do black tie/evening wear. Not any more.

  3. My mum went to the same dinner dance and it involved painful looking gold high-heeled strappy sandals and red painted finger nails!

    Other than that I don't have a clue - especially as it doesn't involve jeans or a skirt and boots!


  4. Classic black dress with a colourful pashmina, maybe?!!!


  5. Oh dear, a dinner dance? I didn't know they still existed!
    I like Wonderwomans suggestion.

  6. Like some of the ladies above, I like black and I really like the wide black pants that are swishy and almost look like a long black skirt. I am a fan of the long cardigan and the earth toned satin Asian-y jacket (I suppose it would be Chinese-y). A fresh flower in your hair, perhaps.

  7. Sorry have no idea what you wear to a dinner dance. It does sound posh though. Basic black with something bright (scarf/shawl/flower/necklace) to jazz it up I guess. What ever you wear - please post a photo of you just so the rest of us who don't go to these things will know what to wear, if on the remote chance we ever get invited to one.

  8. I have visions of my mum and dad too. I saw the perfect dress in the Sebastapol Vinnies the other day. They have some beauties up there. Perhaps you have same over there. How exciting even to know someone turning 80! Good luck!

  9. I like Gina's suggestion of floaty black trousers and top and something bright to accessorize. It's the kind of thing that would terrify me too so good luck! Locket xx

  10. Don't people realize the angst they put us through with these invitations????!!!!
    I'm with wonderwoman too....classic black!

    Good luck!

  11. I went to one such do just before Christmas and hadn't found anything to wear to it until the week before. Found a lovely black, floaty, mid-calf length Next dress in the RSPCA shop for a tenner. Perfect! What is the point of going to great expense for something you know you'll never wear again? You're more than welcome to have it if you want!

  12. I'm with Annie & Michaela.... hit the op-shops....bound to find something.... I'd go flashy/retro you never have to wear it again!!