Tuesday, 8 February 2011

You know, that painter...

destructoBoy went back to school yesterday after having Thursday/Friday off last week with a shitty ear infection. The lovely doctor we saw on Thursday gave me a script for antibiotics but suggested I give it 48 hours in case a miracle cure occured. I knew we were in for a rough ride when mid-afternoon Thursday he asked me how many hours left until we could go to the chemist.

Anyway, d/Boy came home last night telling me all about the whizzy new books their class got yesterday.

Two complete sets of the Michael Morpurgo books because apparently they are very popular!

Both the Toby Alone books.

And a whole series about famous artists. There was Monet,

Leonardo Da Vinci

and Mick Someoneorother.


  1. My 10yo didn't quite make it through Toby Alone, though I might nag him to have another crack. And I've never heard of Michael Morpurgo - do you recommend him?

  2. I will admit to reading Toby Alone and loved it. Does that make me weird I wonder...lol. Hope the boy is feeling better. Must have been horrible for him. I ignore advice to wait 48 hours before taking meds. I figure if the kids are in pain then get that stuff into them. The sooner it starts working the sooner they stop complaining and feeling horrible.

  3. Poor boy. Is he feeling better? Sucks to have a sore throat.

    Those look like great books! Lucky kid.

  4. Now who IS that Mick guy???? Hope D-boy is fully recovered. L x

  5. Mick...ey Mouse? Mick McManus (one for you 1970s World of Sports fans)? Mick Hucknall? Mick...ey Rooney?
    Ohhhhh, THAT Mick - 'elangelo'!

    Give D'Boy our love and I hope his poorly ear(s) is/are much better now. Poor chap :(