Monday, 7 March 2011

... and the horse you rode in on!

Out walking with my assistant this morning when internationally reknowned photographer said

"What are you wearing on your feet? Are they some kind of boots or something?"

I looked down at the bright orange and turquoise trainers topped by my bright orange and lime green swirly socks visible under the hem of my long skirt.

"These are my socks. Handknitted, took me forever but I made them." I replied feeling quite perky and capable.

"You could have just gone to BHS and got some. Would have been much easier."

To which all my mind could think (and fortunately mouth did not say) was

"Well a photobooth would do for portraits of my children but I still asked you to do it!"

Oh and then she called me scarey!!

Is it me? Is it??


  1. Probably but don't change...

  2. Hahaha! I get that all the time with my socks. Once was from a guy who's sole hobby is to read STUPID books (there are excellent books and then there are STUPID books.) Much like you, I exercised restraint.

    'Cause people with hot socks are above that LOL!

  3. Perhaps you should have gagged her with one of your socks.

    Sorry, I'm in an odd mood today.

  4. hahaha. The scary menace with her handknitted socks, now she's one you don't want to come accross in a dark alley!!

  5. Nope not You....although if you are scary wearing hand knitted socks then I want to join the club...vbg. Weird photographer - maybe a photo booth would be easier - at least then you wouldn't get rude comments.

  6. Some people just have no taste!

  7. Because you hear about the AWFUL AWFUL stuff that all those people with handknitted socks have done to humanity.

    How scary of you to put work into something for yourself and have a one of a kind pair of artworks you can wear on your feet!!

    LOL Sounds like someone was jealous of your awesomeness. Don't change because of the idiots and join their club! You are perfect how you are :)

  8. I so wish you HAD said it!!!

  9. Hang on Annie! Does that mean you think I'm scarey???

  10. I wish you HAD said it too!! Locket xx

  11. Wait? What? You mean you DIDN'T say it?

    I'm sorry but I do believe I'm in a state of shock. This is so not you! Were you distracted by the imminent bat thing?


    p.s. tomorrow - squeeeeee!!!!!