Sunday, 6 March 2011

Heavily insulated knickers

Enquired after an acquaintance's child on Friday. She had been in Princess C-W's tutor group until Christmas but left to attend a nearby private (public) school. I had assumed it was for snobbish reasons; this family live in the valley off The Hill where all the money resides, their other daughters go to swish sounding schools in the closest Cathedral city and the dad has been invited to a flash wedding on April 29.

It wasn't. It was for sound educational ones that benefit their daughter's needs and was made after in-depth family discussions with the others who are receiving a state education. This will teach me the error of assumption.

I explained to this mother that I had been to a school run by the same nuns and that the backbone of the order was education and bringing out the best in every girl whatever her capability. I commended her on their choice and wished their daughter the very best and hoped she would pass on Princess C-W's best wishes also as she missed their daughter.

I walked off back to Maria Juanita Conchita Gonzalez all the way waiting for the gods to strike me down for lying through my teeth. Although, perhaps things have changed since my day and they really are now living up to the founding principles of the order? Until I am sure I will pulling on those special unders to channel that lightning safely away.