Sunday, 21 August 2011

D minus 1

Tomorrow morning at 8am the men turn up.

They are coming to tear this down and dig this up.

Over the next 12 weeks that falling down wood panel fence will be magically transformed into the back wall of my new kitchen. From the red brick wall to the edge of what is currently a window frame will be the laundry and the loo. And looking down the drive will be a mahoosive floor to ceiling window.

We have spent the last few weeks hacking back trees, shrubs and brambles from the fenceline so the nice diggerman can come and turn that grassed area into a hole big enough to take footings for my long-awaited kitchen.

We have found new homes for the o/s table and chairs - on top of a dugover flower bed and the slide/climbing frame/tent combo - now at my painting teacher's house for her grandaughter.

We have been back and forth to the 'tip' (really a mahoosive recycling centre with enormous bins) a million times with bags and boxes and plastic tubs filled with garden and general detritus.

We have shifted furniture that has not been moved since that back part of the kitchen was built in 1237 AD. I do not wish to even think about the state of the walls behind said furniture.

And once all the jobs are done and your parents release you from slave labour there is really no other thing for it but to start an archaelogical dig.
Given that the builder men will be tearing the whole lot up with diggers it seemed a reasonable enough plan. Even cooler is when you actually find a clay pipe!

CK and destructoBoy researched and dated it to the 1850s. One boy headed off to bed tonight very excited.


  1. There's nothing like a new kitchen and some major renovations to add excitement to your life...vbg. Love the archaelogical dig. To find a treasure....yipee. Hope the reno's go smoothly and the mess isn't too much to cope with.

  2. This is so exciting...please keep us updated about the progress!

  3. My bedroom re-do is seeming positively simple! I can't wait to see what the new looks like. Do share progress!

  4. Exciting! When do Time Team arrive? Free excavation at least but maybe a hold on building when they locate roman ruins under the 'would be' oven....

  5. Can't wait to see the results!!!!