Monday, 22 August 2011

The true definition of D Day.

I had assumed that the 'D' in my D Day stood for Demolition.

It is rash to make assumptions. In fact one might say it is tempting fate.

Turns out it actually stands for Disaster.

As in -

* spending much of the previous night waking at regular intervals bc your inner alarm clock knows you have to be up and dressed and ready for the onslaught of builders at an ungodly hour. I saw 0130, 0317, 0423 & 0531 before giving in with poor grace at 0630. I was hanging out washing and doing ironing by 0700 this morning.

* getting a final load of washing in before the 'Cappy' and his 713 year old oppo, 'Barry' (as dubbed by Pr C.W. & destructoBoy), start to demolish the laundry only to have the machine stop dead 10 minutes into the cycle. I spent haf an hour siphoning the water out of the drum and am now left with a load of filthy clothes (ref: yesterday's digging antics) that smell very strongly of washing powder sitting in the bath.

It can't even be blamed on the quite nice young spark who stripped all the cables and sockets from the laundry and fally down section of kitchen as the electrickery was still working in the bits he had left behind.

* Once the bramble thicket had been subdued Cappy & Barry started to take down the slates on the kitchen roof. Cappy got stung by a wasp and came into see if I had any bug spray as he was going to aerosol them into submission.

I went out and had a look when suddenly Cappy lifted another slate; quietly and nicely I asked him to step away from the scaffolding and walk back toward the house because OH! MY! GOD! there were a bazillion of the flying stinging buggers.

The exterminator man is coming tomorrow morning. Pr. C-W & destructoBoy are beside themselves bc his room has a ringside seat of all the action and are already planning which drinks and snacks to have ready.

* As the roof had to be left Cappy started 'boxing in' the electrics. Barry was there to offer moral support and to pass up the odd bit of wood. Following on from this was a discussion about which way the drains go and how many there might be given that this house is sited in an old industrial are of my Hilltop Town. This was a bad idea. A very bad idea. There is a blocked drain somewhere. Oh such a bad bad idea.

**Sigh** We shall see what they come up with tomorrow.


  1. Oh Lordy. Time to beat a strategic retreat?

    Good luck with the wasps. We had a nest destroyed earlier in the summer and all I can say is they were Not Happy about the exterminator man. It doesn't take long, but my advice is to stay inside with the windows shut!

  2. A bottle of something alcoholic will help enormously. Several if necessary. All will be well. Renovations always look like crap when you start - keep the finished project in mind.

  3. This is better (or maybe I actually mean worse) than a TV show.

  4. Yeah, I'm going to have to go with Calidore on this one. Grab yourself a big ol' beverage or two, sit back and enjoy the show. 'Cause what else are you going to do??? Sorry it's not starting out well -- maybe this is the worst that will happen? We will hope so!!!

  5. I'm with Smalltown mom. I think your current situation would be a great reality show. Hang tough, Trash!

  6. You could join me rocking in the corner saying to myself repeatedly; it'll be great when it's finished, it'll be great when it's finished......

  7. Ah, the joys! It will be worth it in the end.....and you'll keep us entertained in the meantime. We have a few stories that we still tell (to anyone who will listen)....and it's 8 years since we renovated!

  8. Ah. Yes. Now I see why your text had a slightly hysterical tone. If you can't face the chaos head south - all four of you and the dogs, I have a hunk of beef in the freezer and could do with feeding a hoard :o)


    p.s. that offer includes Yorkshire puds and blackberry and apple crumble!

  9. FFS your feed keeps dropping from my reader so I have missed all this!

    Eek. Hang in there.

    There was a giant wasp's nest on the house next to ours. Our neighbour didn't do anything about it. Then they migrated into our chimney. Exterminate!