Thursday, 26 April 2012

There has been making.

After what seems like the forever of 'thinking about making stuff' situation that was going on Chez Trash (which we shall blame on the days and weeks and years of continual downpour we have had recently - 'drought' my arse!) I finally committed to making stuff. One bc I wanted to know I could do it, one I was pretty certain I could do it and FIVE that I have to do bc I kickstarted the whole thing over at the FQ 2012 flickrpage.

The one I love is the Maluka and by Tuesday I had completed 3/4 of it, then I realised that 8 stitches extra that are not part of the pattern on one side of a shawl is a bad thing and so have had to frog it back to where things are even. I may have cried a little.

So to keep myself going while my not very clever brain tried to figure out short rows (turns out I should trust the pattern) I 'whipped up' this Wingspan shawlette/drapey thing in some Regia sockyarn. Marmalade Yarns had a pair of socks all knitted up from this and they looked ace but we won't mention me and sock knitting in the same breath for a while yet. They were all stripey and lovely and then I saw the Wingspan pattern and, apart from a small difficulty at the beginning wherein I was knitting a rectangle, I think the stripey loveliness worked just as well when not meant for feet.

So while my unconscious still tries to figure out the fixing plan for the Maluka I have to go finish my name badge for my FQ 2012 partner and then get past the prototypes for the Sample Swap.

If you hear nothing by June send help.


  1. A jubilee scarf! How fabulous.

  2. Wow -- it's gorgeous Trashy! Those stripes worked up perfectly!!!

  3. my goodness that looks complicated! It is perfect for a jubilee year - will you be wearing it at a street party?

  4. Will it ever stop raining?!?! I am awed at your talent. Is there nothing you cannot do?

  5. That's a great shawl Trashy - and it looks very difficult and clever too! Locket xx

  6. Hello you! See what you've done with that text? I'm supposed to be working but now have six months worth of blogs to read ;o)

    Gorgeous knitting missus and I think the striped wool is absolutely perfect for your scarf!

  7. Dear Trash, That is calculus, with yarn. Truly, ht* did you make that? (insert appropriate acronym letter). That is all, Me xxx