Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Fat Quarterly Report - The Round Up Edition Part One

Theoretically, over the weekend I was going to write posts about the events, activities and happenings at Fat Quarterly London 2012. This did not happen. There was far too much chatting, laughing, learning and sharing to be done.

Saturday morning I had my first class, English paper piecing with Tacha. Given that I was sitting with 2/3 of the Crazy Gang (Mandy and Dee) not much got done. Other than being bossed into changing my fabric to something more 'suitable' that is.

Youngest participant and his chauffeur

I took part in the 'Iron Man Challenge' with Shevvy, Annie and whole load of other uber-competent souls. While our quilt top might have been the smallest it was definitely the bestest in my eyes.
Despite weeks of organising I managed to bugger up the Sample Swap a little bit by leaving the random draw until the very last minute but despite a few hiccups it seemed to go over all right and I have learned much to apply to next year's one. My Jedi Masters at SIT would approve I feel. This is the item I made - a London bus pincushion that has the destination 'FQ 2012' on the front and to keep it in, a little painted box. The design on the front is Aneela Hooey's embroidery pattern she taught on Saturday afternoon.
 The crazy thing was it took a MONTH to design and refine and make the four buses and I did all four boxes from taking off the plastic wrapper to varnishing in 24 hours. The joy of being in a comfort zone I guess.

This is Maisey. She is the work (joy) of the very clever and talented Katy at The Littlest Thistle. There were several examples of Katy's skill and cleverness came along and sadly they all went home with Katy again too. I feel sure Maisey would have liked a visit to the West Country

Having stared uncomprehendingly at the instructions and the fabric for my Union Jack pillowcase for several minutes my poor stupid self was rescued by the lovely Lu. I was banned from using the cutter and shown how to properly wield a long ruler. Once everything was all perfectly sized and beautifully cut I returned to class so Lynne could give me the idiotproof tutorial.
After much cursing swearing and being unsure I have decided that rather than being Marmite (something you either love or hate) foundation-piecing is in fact Vegemite. It is beloved by people from another culture and I remain to be convinced that it can replace what I am used however I will continue to try it. Although I don't think I will be putting templates on toast!


  1. Trash sounds awesome. I love your London bus and I'm sure you upheld the tradition of the sample swap very well.

  2. LOLOLOL good old Lu, I love that she came and helped you!

  3. Just want to say thank you for organising the sample swap and fitting me in last minute - it was amazing!!!

  4. You are so funny - now finish the damn cushion!

  5. Oh Trash your London Bus is beyond fabulous!!! I'm truly in love - you're so clever!!!
    Looks like you had a terrific time away ... :o).
    Joy :o)

  6. Seems like you were even more confused during Lynne's class than me haha! Sweet of Lu to help you out!

  7. Fab weekend wasn't it? Love what you made for ss too.

  8. The bus, the bus, the bus - love it!!!! You *are* going to write it up and sell the pattern, or the finished objects, aren't you? AREN'T YOU???

  9. Ohhh...I am honored to be a part of The Crazy Gang!:)
    So, so wonderful meeting you Trash and yes, thanks so much for organizing the swap and keeping my secret!:)
    Hope you and Scary Mary and Donkey are doing fine!:)

  10. Lovin' the London Bus, Trash. And I can see Melbourne Tram pincushions....

    So... have you crossed to the Marmite side of things, then?

  11. My dear! It was a pleasure to meet you! Thanks for organizing the sample swap!

  12. Looks like a truly fab weekend. I'm in awe of you making not one but four London buses!


  13. it looks like an amazing time and i can't wait to sign up for next year! I love your buses, they are awesome! xxx

  14. It was fab to meet you, Trash, and many thanks for arranging the sample swap! Hope to see you there again next year?
    R x

  15. i just found your blog, kind of by coincidence.. strange, i was looking for it some days ago and could swear it wasn´t there then.. strange.
    Anyway, it was so great to meet you (as we germans with american accents say :-), thanks for organizing the wonderful nametag swap, i really enjoyed that! Hope to see you next year for sure or maybe even a bit sooner if you come to my neck of the woods.

  16. I was SO SUPER lucky to get one of your buses! I just LOVE it! So brilliant and I totally didn't realise you made the box as well. Love that!

    So good to see you again Trash and am already counting down to seeing you next year.