Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Things I have done today.

1. Finished the bag for Princess C-W's friend's birthday.

2. Posted half of the parcels I have had hanging around here (for several months!!!) to the Tropical family.

3. Made myself a birthday cake - pineapple and coconut since you ask.

4. Hoovered (vacuumed for any 'foreign' readers) the living room, hall and dining room.

5. Made two lovely knitted flower broochy/corsagey things. One of my borrowed childer helped choose the centres!

6. Bought my first ever balls of Noro - I have never understood the appeal but I think my friend will. I'll be making the potato chip scarf (we call it 'the chippie scarf' here) for her birthday.

7. Discovered three balls of wool I bought a few weeks ago. Two of my best and favourite Cashsoft in a lovely lime green and one of Kidsilk Haze (bleurgh, definitely not my favourite) in a vivid greeny colour. My plan is to knit them together - possibly in the aforementioned 'Chippie' scarf pattern [thanks WMK;-)].

8. Ogling the growing pile of birthday presents on the toy trunk in the living room. (Since you ask - No. The children may not access any relevant play things while MY birthday presents need a place to accumulate! )

9. Did an emergency lunch dash for Pr.C-W as she had 'left' hers at home and could I please bring it down before break as it had her apple in it! I scoured the house but nada. Naturally it was only after I had purchased & delivered emergency rations that I discovered it hiding behind the door in the dining room! Apparently she did not put it there........ perhaps monkeys?

10. Perhaps may have bought a special something for a Valentine's Swap personage of
great beardiness ;-))

Will edit later to add pictures.


  1. Phew!! I need a lie down after reading your list!!

    D'you think you'll get a VC beard in the swap?


  2. I bloody hope so. I have been knitting a razor!

  3. Hoovering on your birthday??
    I am a Noro lover, especially the silk. Enjoy and relax on the rest of your birthday!


    Have a fabtastic birthday hun - and many more of them. :-D xxx

    PS I still snigger every time I think of VC and her beard :-D

  5. well that hilltop malaria is certainly gone - you are so busy!!!

  6. If you do get a knitted beard as part of your valentine's swap do you think it will be red???? Lucy x

  7. Hippo Burpday to you.

    My you have been busy. In fact I think that I'll have to do nothing for the rest of the day in order to maintain the "busy/lazy" balance!

    Good grief - what kind of word verification is this? hkwxacfm?

  8. Happy Happy Birthday! :-)

  9. I may have added up the sleeps wrong, but I hope I've got the right day for saying Happy Birthday!! If I'm late then very big apologies... and if I'm early then please carry this message forward in your mind to the big day :o)

    PS. Oooh, number 10's me!! So exciting :oD

    PPS. I suspect that my swap parcel to you might actually be quite low on beard content... hope that's not too much of a disappointment... I could always change my plans if you've got your heart set on it...? ;o)

  10. Happy Birthday to you (cha! cha! cha!)
    Happy Birthday to you (cha! cha! cha!)
    Happy birrrrthday dear Trashy!
    Happy Birthday to you (cha! cha! cha!)

    Hope the monkeys don't make your gifts too hard to find : )

    ps: totally jealous of your getting a digital camers - I'm dying to have one of my very own!!!

    pps: sorry I wasn't on the ball enough to get your PIF to you in time for the celebration - I'm a slacker (though it is almost complete)!

  11. Come on Trash! You must have used that super smashing marvellous camera by now! Do show and tell!

    Happy Birthday anyway .... hope you haven't become ill again after too much cake .... pineapple and coconut you say .... nice ...