Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Two more sleeps!!

There is an awful lot happening in just two more sleeps.

My tropical brother returns home from six months in a war-zone. (I believe my s-i-l (the nice one) is padlocking him to the house to stop ever going away again! )

His m-i-l returns home on the same connecting flight (they share a house. It's a big one!).

Some of us may be having a birthday!!! (I know I am on the mend to nearly full recovery as I am getting excited about my birthday again!)

It may well be the same some of us who have been juggling posting for the last three weeks to make birthdays and centenary posts co-incide!

It may be worth coming back on Thursday night to have a mooch around and share in some real imaginary cake! (I do quite good cake - check out here for references!) .

Just two more sleeps y'all and then the much beloved EOS is mine, all mine, mine I tell you (bwahaaahahahaha!)


  1. Oooh it's exciting, innit? :-D x

  2. Two more sleeps? Y'mean you'll be able to sleep with all the excitement? Ooooh, you're really really gonna love that camera :)

    I'll be back for cake....


  3. :-O The robot is back! What can it mean? What does he want? What is he up to?