Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Dear Innernets, I'm just going out. I may be gone some time.

The nice Amazon man came to my house this morning.

He brought me presents.

I love them.

Wanna see?

Look! An embroidery party!

I have to make these!

I am going to make the kids make these!

And one of these.

But mean and horrid old CK, ably assissted by my own traitorous conscience, has said I have to finish everything else first.

So, despite the driving snow and howling gales, the great outdoors of my UFO/WIP pile beckons. Dear Innernets, I am just going out. I may be sometime................


  1. Oh man! Don't you just HATE having to finish stuff before you start on NEW STUFF?? I do.

    Anyway, I love love LOVE the quilt Kitty made for you and I'm very very jealous. It looks fabulous on your blog header too.

    Have fun while away from the innernets. Bet you can't stay away for long ....


  2. Oooh, such lovely projects. I'd be all of a dither. Isn't the Amazon man kind? Hope you show us the results...

  3. oh Yikes, you are tough on yourself !

  4. Nooooooooo .... you can't go away. Or not start 'new stuff'. We all have piles of old stuff waiting to be finished, but being usurped by new stuff. It's the way it is - don't be hard on yourself.

    I need a splurge at Amazon or - I haven't had one for quite some time.


  5. If you finish all your old stuff first then the new stuff will have nothing to look after it,when its put into the A/C room out the back, so therefore I think it is beholden on you to leave said old stuff till you have new old stuff...nuff said.........try this reasoning on CK it might just confuse him!! (did me & I wrote it)

  6. If I never started anything new until I had finished everything else then nothing new would ever get started then where would we all be????? (22 mini quilts short that's where!)

    That's my contribution!

    Lucy x

  7. Don't think CK quite gets it, does he? It's the starting that's the fun bit!!


  8. Oooh lovely books and projects. Hope you didn't listen too hard to CK - can never have too many started projects - I have some going back years!

  9. I love when Amazon and eBay send me things. :)