Monday, 2 June 2008

Of course the original addiction still has a verrrrrry strong hold...

CK went to Scortln (this is the closest I get to spelling my atrocious Scottish accent. For those North of the border - if it is too nasty please forgive me.) last night which left me alone studiously avoiding my NVQ homework, watching a Johnny Cash biog and knitting the fabulous yarn the divine Miss K included in her swap parcel. I didn't read the label until over the halfway point and apparently I am supposed to crochet with it (oops! I don't crochet)!

So I was sitting there ignoring said homework (Child protection stuff - not nice) when I heard a very odd noise. Like a whisper, a callling. After turning down the sound a little on the telly it was more audible ' bUy ME. OWn mE. LOVE me. YOu nEEd Me.' I tracked it over to the laptop and when the screen cleared I could see Amazon laid before me like some wanton wench on a wild night out!

I did try and resist, really I did. But the pull was too strong. I must confess to you all here and now that I was weak. Oh yes. Mea culpa, mea culpa mea maxima culpa! Before I knew quite what had happened I said yes here and here.

After that it was just a small step to saying yes here.

Then in effort to expiate my guilt I said yes to this but Your Honour it is to be read by and with Babyman and Princess Curly-Wurly so I ask that my motherly fondness be taken into consideration when sentencing. For as you well know m'lud I am a sinner; I suffer from an addiction to books. The lure of the knowledge and information held within them is beyond the power of a mere mortal to resist.

Whe they arrive here at my house I shall burrow free from whichever prison cell I am incarcerated, take pictures (wiping off the dribble first) and share with the court.


  1. Very funny post Trashy - but I'm a bit cross with you because now I NEED that first embroidery book too!!! Perhaps I can get it for Dorothy for Fred's birthday on Saturday, hmmmmmm how lenient do you think the judge will be on mothers who buy things for their children as an excuse for getting them for themselves??? (I seem to have got away with it for the Girl's Best Book of Knitting etc that I got for Daisy's birthday!)

    Locket x

    P.S. We could always share our cell

  2. Hehe- but you know that books are never bad- and especially not educational books like that, you should in fact be given an award for giving your children books that will be read and treasured for a long, long time:-D (if not by them, at least by their mother...LOL!

  3. The purchase of books is never criminal. The purchase of crafty books is a positive joy and you are merely fostering creativity in the next generation. No judge would put you away for that. For your madness yes, for your purchase of craft books, no.

    :-p x

  4. No, I am not going to follow those links. Willpower? Me? None!

  5. See, now just you jolly well look 'ere Missus - you and that Locket woman are leading me into some serious Amazonian temptation!

    I swore I wouldn't succumb but darn it I neeeeeed those kiddly sewing books RIGHT NOW!!

    ....and I still have a utility room FULL of laundry and a Google Reader FULL of blogs to contend with.


  6. Amazon is actually owned by the devil specifically for the sole purpose of leading otherwise good people into the sin of coveting thy neighbours goods.... I knew I shouldn't have looked at those links...I tried to resist...but I couldn' willpower is non-existant and I am far too ashamed to admit to where it led me....

    I dread the day that Amazon Australia will only lead to more temptation and the heartwrenching decision....books or papercraft supplies... It may also lead to me having to rob a bank to pay for all my addictions... or getting a 'real' job :(

  7. You had me at "A wanton wench on a wild night" you are so funny!

    Thanks for coming by SITS, now get that button posted, cause you can't win the FABULOUS prized without it!

  8. Must. Have. That. First. Book.

    ps: see you in shoppers lock-down!